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I am trying to decide on programs to apply to for master's degrees in Middle Eastern studies. One university I have thought about applying to is the American University in Cairo.  I would like to know if any of you have any opinions about the university and if you would recommend the school for international students.


  • a friend of my father went there as an international student from america and he said it was a fabulous school.
  • My father went there. He liked it. It has a really good reputation. I personally think that Cairo University is the best. It is really under-credited. I had a good friend of mine that went to University College of London (UCL) where we studied together. Its the 5th best university in the world.

    He passed with distinction, he later went on to Oxford University for a PhD, and all he had to say was the University of Ain Shamss was the hardest he had ever been to.

    What does that mean? I don't know. But AUC does not necessarily mean better. Uni of Cairo is excellent and so is Ain Shamss.

  • It's a good university, used to be in downtown, but not anymore :-\

    Another one is GUC, but it also depends on how well you speak Arabic... Im studying in a univ. in 6 October where they claim "English is the language of instruction," but it's 99% in Arabic.
  • You may like to have a look at this list of rankings,and check if the universities you are considering are amongst the top 500 of the world.I am not sure,if the rankings have any significance though.
  • Hi...
    Those university rankings should not be taken too seriously. I went to Ucl. Although this is apparently the fourth best in the world, it definately is not better than LSE for law, and LSE is at number 67.

    I did not study law, but I know this as I had friends there.
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