Losing the Drive

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I don't even know where to start... Has anybody else had those moments where it seems like there's no hope? Like, you know that God is there and you know that He is more than willing to help you, but for some reason, you value the world over Him. I've run into some battles and it seems like I lose every time. Then after I lose, I pray (and during the battle and tribulation, I never pray or read the Bible which I know is wrong but I'm so caught up in the battle) and I ask for forgiveness and I try to repent. It seems like its within the next hour that I've lost again. I don't know what to do. I'm not gonna give up, but I know that by doing this, I'm hurting Him. I've realized that He is truly the only One that truly loves me, but I get so distracted in life and it seems that the world is my true treasure- I don't want it to be though. I need to change my life; I just don't know how. Please help.


  • hey andy....im assuming
    i know exactly how u feel cause i was just in the same exact position
    its like u REALLY wanna turn to God, but u dont
    it sliek ur worldly knowledge takes over u and overcomes u and defeats u so that u can be the victory of this battle and trial

    i guess theres no way i can let u know how i know how u feel, cause each person is different no matter how alike we may be... but we can both solve this problem in one way
    once u start to feel that theres a problem coming on, something u KNOW u cnt handle... turn to God
    just turn to him from the beginning, n He'll be with u till the end
    it sounds somewat unrealistic, but SO true
    after all.....
    the only distance between a prob na solution is the distance between ur knees n the floor
    the one who kneels to the Lord, can stand up to ANYTHING

    'whenever ur feeling down, just look up' :)
  • SMS your words really inspired me :) :)

    Life. Life, there will be times when we fall down, but there will also be times when we will rise up again. When you fall down He lifts you up :)

    In times of despair when there is absolutely no more hope, when we seem so lost and our tears do not stop, when we have hurt our beloved Lord so many times, but we really never meant to and we didnt want to "For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do." Romans 7:7?? whats the solution?

    well by ourselves we cant solve our problems, we have to come to Jesus and ask Him to help us solve them because we are weak
    "O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God--through Jesus Christ our Lord!" Romans 7:24-25, so to solve our problems, to stop sinning against Him and hurting Him so much, we have to ask for Him to deliver us, because only He can deliver us, we have no helper in our hardships and tribulations but Him..

    The world is passing away....the most important thing in our life should be Jesus. The world shouldnt be our treasure, He is the best treasure, He is the only treasure that we should seek.

    Dont ever give up, we may not win all the battles, but its good to die struggling even if we didnt win, so we have to do our best, so "fight the good fight of faith" 1 Timothy 6:12
  • you said that whenever there is a problem, turn to God. I think that's the problem. Let me try to be a little bit more specific in explaining my problem. Theres a girl (I bet everybody is rolling their eyes saying "there's always a girl!" Well to you that said that, get off my back :P, jk) and she made me promise that whenever I'm sad I have to call her and by the way, she is the sweetest girl ever! So instead of going to God, I go to her, hence lies the problem. I promised her, and I can't break a promise and I've tried to get out of it but for some reason the term "whipped" comes to mind (I know, you guys are rolling your eyes again). But this is hurting my spiritual life so much, I realize that. I just don't know how to fix it.
  • Is this girl Christian? Explain to her your problem. tell her u appreciate the fact that she doesnt want to see you sad and wants to help but tell her to keep this promise moderate... u can talk to her when u want but not EVERY time
  • Yes, this girl is coptic and the promise was every time. I have to think more before I agree to things...
  • i can really relate 2 this! i used to have a problem like that, but i talked to my FOC and it really really helps.
  • aww sorry guys.. i just came in like that.. its just that as i was reading.. its just soo sweet :-[ and sad :'(...
    neways hopefully i won't be bugging anyone by saying my apinion... :-\
    umm well i think that is REALLY EXTREMLY sweet of her.. ok so i think that when ur feeling down u should go pray and talk to God and stuff and then maybe later u can call her and tell her wut happened u kno wut i mean? u'd still be keeping ur promise and still be w/ God and stuff... i dunno thats just wut i think.. and by the way i didn't role my eyes.. lol.. ;D ur funny..lol

    Rina ;)

    ps. she's a REALLY EXTREAMLY awesome and a gr8 friend
  • i know she is!!!! that's why it's so hard! I like her sooo much! and the promise was that I would have to call her the second I'm sad. I hope I'm not portraying her as a bad person because she is the exact opposite. She really has helped me through so much! The only problem is that I can feel my spiritual life slipping.
  • wait am i getting u wrong or am i just not getting u? why is it slipping i mean u talk to her when ur down.. she helps u feel better.. and thats it right.. um ur just friends right? umm well can't u wait a lil till u finish praying and telling GOD ur problem before telling ur problem to a HUMAN i mean wouldn't u rather do that.. i understand its extreamly hard but maybe if u talk to her abt THIS problem she'll understand,, even better than the other ones u kno?

    Rina ;)
  • We are just friends, but it's just a complicated situation. Basically, I want to figure out how to spend less time focusing on her and more time on God
  • u really like her don't u? umm well i mean like as a girl not just a friend right??
  • ooooh i'm a Junior now... awesome yaya!!!! ;D sorry had to celebrate a lil.. lol.. sorry again
  • yes, I do really like her, but how do I get over her

    haha, congrats
  • umm well thats another problem.. lol.. umm if u wanna get over her then very slowly lessen (i dunno if thats even a word..lol) the tym u talk to her.. u get me??
  • I know I know, that's a lot harder said than done. But how do I regain my relationship with Christ?
  • ehhmm its the other way around its harder done than said..lol.. u still go to church and everything right? well u'll probably hear everything everyone's been telling u.. u kno like pray, fast, etc.. thats basicly it but u need to talk to the girl and fix things w/ her... let her kno wut ur telling everyone here..ok??
    GOOD LUCK buddy!! (a pad on the back)..lol

    Rina ;)
  • Well, who said you can’t talk to a girl about problems, and have a relationship with God. Now you said this girl is amazing, and I am sure of that, all Coptic girls are ;) ...lol

    But here is what I don’t understand... you said you talk to her for comfort, but she takes you away from God... for the comfort, what kinda of comfort does she give, over the phone? (Sorry had to make myself clear) now there is the emotional comfort... where you talk to her about what you did, and all that good stuff, and there is the sexual comfort, you start meditating on her voice, you get unpleasant thoughts... if its the sexual one you have to leave her, and as some said don’t just go up to her and tell her, "I had sexual thoughts about you," but do it in a nice and appropriate matter... rina said one of the ways, the ladies are much better than me in this field, I am the worst when I want to end a "Friendship."

    Now back to what I said in the beginning, you can have a person to talk to, who you feel comfortable with, and just talk, you can even talk about spiritual matters, go to her and tell her about saint Bishoy... just kidding, but you can talk about what ever you like, as long as it is away from desires, and pleasures. And I do talk to a person for comfort, and I think everyone should do that, have a person that you can talk to, I have a person I am very comfortable with, and I have to talk to that person, or I will feel bad... and that person is a girl... but if that girl is taking me from God as I said then I will not talk to her.

    If you could specify how she is taking you away from God that would help a lot.
  • Hey Andrew, I was reading through the post and I was wondering how you are doing with this? The posts started at the beginning of the month, and I was wondering how things were going?

    Everyone gave good advice, I won't add much more, but I wanted to know how it you were dealing with things now.

    But remember go to God with things first...He can and will help you through everything, better than your very nice friend. He will never let go of you, so if I were you I'd take advantage of that, its a cool privilege that most of the world does not know about. ;) About getting over the girl, well how is that coming?
  • o yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh good question gmick.. awesome question.. i was soo into this.. i guess i got soo carried aways w/ life.. so tell us andrew.. WOW!! :-*
  • ithink im going thru one of those no hope moments, but wat starts me up again is reading the "Holy Zeal"
    by H.G the Pope
  • ill do my best.
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