what was your favorite Sunday School lesson about prayer

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I'm doing a lesson on prayer this sunday for my 5-6th graders where we will talk about the agpeya. The thing is, I don't want to just throw verses at them or lecture them for 40minutes, I want them to be interested in the topic. Do any of you have a favorite sunday school memory specifically about prayer?  or favorite sunday school lesson in general? any ideas would help.

Pray for my weakness


  • That prayer can shake buildings or prayer can move mountains!
  • Thank you, that was exactly what I needed. I'm going to use your idea about prayer moving mountains and show a clip from the movie about St.Simon the Shoemaker and the Mokatem mountain moving.
    thanks for the inspiration!!!
  • when i was 12 a teacher taught us this song she wrote, based on the psalms:
    sorry u'll have to write your own music; i don't think i can upload it!

    i love the Lord because He hears me,
    i love the Lord, He listens to my prayer,
    he listens to me every time i call Him,
    i love the lord for He is there.

    hallelujah (x3), i love the Lord for He is there.

    she only taught it once and i remember it more than 20 years later!
  • no problem!! Ya that story is great!! =]
  • mabsoota,
    wow that song must've made such an impression on you. i wish there was a way to learn the music that went with the words so I can teach it to my kids
    thanks for sharing it though
  • just make up some simple music or use music like 'from every nation (min kull umam)' which you can download here
    http://tasbeha.org/mp3/Songs/Instrumental/The_Consolatory_Melody.html (here it's called from all nations)
    or a secular children's song like 'humpty dumpty sat on a wall', or any simple 4 line melody
    they both fit, with slight adjustments  ;)
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