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Hello everybody, How is everyone doing? I hope all is well. I was just wondering if some of you can help me out. Although I do not have that many posts, I have been a member of tasbeha.org for a long time and I enjoy reading the various articles placed by many of yourselves. I just have a request. I am looking for meditation pieces or articles concerning exams. You know maybe something by the church fathers that can help us students with our exams as it is a very stressful time. Thank you and I will be awaiting a response as I know many will be helpful. Agape

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  • hey avvaantoni, i don't think i have wut u need but i have a question..lol.. um so u just want lyk a lil lecture kinda thing i mean no opinions?? bcz i can give u wut i think thats all i'm good at..lol... ;D
    GBU child.. :)

    Rina ;)
  • Rina, thank you for your response. Actually what I am looking for is like meditation prayers that can be used in times of exams. My church hosts a weekly prayer meeting in which we concentrate on a topic (exams for examples) and we find prayers and meditations which we can say together (sort of like a prayer). Thank you agin and please keep me in your prayers.

    Yours in Christ:
  • oooooh i got ya now see i just needed a lil more explaination.. sorry i'm slow...lol but i'll try my best to find u sumthing!! aiight? ;D

    Rina ;)
  • http://www.ocf.net/documents/prayer_sheet.pdf

    this is a beautiful prayer for students, hope it helps, i know it helped me put into words what was in my heart at this time

    God bless you
  • Thank you Helani for your response, it is a great prayer but I was looking more towards prayers for exams in specific. Also if anyone can find saying or articles by the church fathers that would be great. Thank you all for your help and I will be awaiting the response. Agape

    Your brother in Christ:
  • hay
    i have an article i tried scanning it but it wouldnt work so ill type it out 4 ya
    bible verses 2 rememba
    -luke 24:25
    -2 timothy 1:7
    -matthew 28:20
    -1 john 4:18
    before the examination
    +organise the time that is left to you so that u achieve the following objecives
    - studying what has not been learned yer
    -reviewing the whole syllabus
    -mastering it through answering xams, questions, solving problems and doin exercises

    + being organised makes u productive. u dont feel distracted and heavily burdened

    +preserve ur spiritual calm throo a living felowship with the Lord through regular prayers

    During the examination
    +dont talk too much with colleagues rather feel the prescense of God so that His peace may fill your heart
    +pray calmly b4 reading the paper and read every question more than 1ce
    + any attempt to cheat is unacceptable to God as well as being illigal
    +review your answers and dont leave b4 time is up so u dont regret it later
    +at home review answers quickly without wasting time or getting upset so it doesnt distract u from ur coming xam

    After the examination
    +submit alll your efforts to the lord
    +beware of imagining thoughts or desires or ur ambitions that will make u happy reall happiness is in Christ

    a prescription 4 the xam
    +organise ur time
    +give ur body sufficiant rest and dont get less than 8 hours of sleep daily
    +avoid fat and rich food
    +avoid staying up too late
    +avoid too many stimulants like tea or cofee and stimulating pills beware
    +break study periods with short fervent prayers from the heart
    +temptations of the flesh increase when studying, dont give in
    +reduce television shows that will destract u
    +studying in groups is usefulon rare ocasions
    develop the habit of sumarizig in writing of what u studied
    +when u make a schedule dont over burden yourself
    +when u feel bored walk round the room then say a short prayer then get bac to work
    +make ur final revision cnsist of answering past xams
    +dont spend too much time on details the night b4

    in the xam room
    +when u enter pray silently then start by answein the easiest then so on
    +u may feel that u 4 got everything dont worry thats normal give urself time and read the questions again and u will recall the information
    +dont pay attention to whats going on around u and dont look around as proctors may be severe
    +dont keep looking at ur watch
    +smoking spoils ur concentration the most
    + answer the question to the very end this will increase marks
    +when u feel u have written all u have rest then re read the answer and add more
    +after the xam dont linger to compare answers with others rather concentrate on the next xam
    +naturally, this advice will b useless if u havent made the effort of studying
    +remember always that God blesses your work and the more you make the more God blesses it

    GBU and b with u
    i hope it helped
  • these prayers are amazing... but for me before exams I read the psalms... its the best thing to do.
  • Hey, Thank you all for your responses and thank you for the beautiful article. I think this is by Bishop Mousa right? I read it before. Actually, I was looking for prayers to be exact, I do not know if I was clear the first time. This is a prayer meeting and I am looking for prayers that may be suitable for the time of exams. Thank you for those who responded and I hope we can find more prayers. Thank you in advance.

    In Christ:
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