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On Saturday i was taking confession with my priest and during the confession i was telling my priest serious things, but every now and again some one would come and talk to abouna and then he would come back, and i would be interrupted constantly, but i did confess sort of.... so anyways, i walked out after the absolution and i felt like i really didnt confess right or even scratch the surface, so later in the car with my mom i opened the application on my phone for the bible and it came up RANDOMLY as 1 Timothy 6 verse 12 and it directly stated " fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses" now i know there might be a hidden meaning behind the verse, or some other meaning that i didnt look hard into that will frustrate many of you, but i wanted to know since it just showed up randomly and i had it set on the book of Genesis dont you thing that its just a little weird?

but i just wanted to know should i just believe i confessed, or try again and see if i can get abouna to not be interrupted this time??? thanks in advance ;D


  • it sounds to me like you had to 'fight' to finish your confession against the insensitivity of other people (unless you were going on for an hour or two!) so you did that right. it's up for your priest to tell you if you didn't confess properly, you don't have to worry about it. plus God heard every word clearly and it is He who forgives your sin.
    the fact that many people probably accidently heard bits of  your confession means that you confessed before 'many witnesses'.
    i think God was just reassuring you you were doing the right thing, despite the difficult circumstances, so you don't need to confess again. the fact you are worried about says to me that this was a genuine confession, and God knows your heart.
    btw the verse about confessing in front of many witnesses is more about confessing that you believe in God, so also be careful to answer people's questions about your faith honestly, even if they laugh at you.

    your question reminded me of something a friend of mine said, she was getting loads of comments from people in church when she confessed, because a lot of them live near the priest and so no one sees them do it.
    PLEASE lets not interrupt people if they are confessing or make comments if they seem to be confessing more often than we do, or generally irritate people who are trying to confess. it's not helpful.
    may God have mercy on us, all sinners.
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