Father of Confession

Within the Coptic Orthodox Church is the Father of Confession the priest or one of the priests at the church?


  • Yes they are =]
    A father of confession can also be a bishop, but it is better to have a priest because he is always available =]
  • Also, I have learned that in other Orthodox churches not all priests are allowed to take confessions, it is considered a blessing only some are able to bear. However, in the Coptic Orthodox church, as far as I know, all priests are allowed to perform this sacrament.

    If any of our brothers/sisters from the other orthodox churches (the info i got was about eastern orthodox churches) can elaborate, that would be great!

    God bless!
  • a person's FOC is the one he or she confesses to. it is usually one of the priests in that person's church, but can be elsewhere if the person has moved house (like me) and wants to keep up the same relationship (it usually involves getting spiritual advice too) instead of going to a new priest who lives closer.
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