The use of Candles in the Church

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I wanted to give my Sunday school kids a lesson about Candles and their use in the church since many have asked me about them before. However, I can't find any resources online on the significance of the use of candles. So, I was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit. I am more concerned with why we light candles in front of the icons of the saints? and also their significant use in the liturgy (on the alter, while reading the gospel, etc.). Also any info about how the candles are made and how they relate to church tradition.

Let me know if you have any online resource(s) or post anything you know about candles.

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  • all i know about candles is that when we place two of them-one on each side- during reading the gospel, they symbolize angels standing by God the Word (Christ Himself)
    I think it has to do with the angels by Christ's tomb

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
    God bless
  • Hey all.. so after hours of research, I found a few facts about the use of Candles, so I thought it would be cool to share it with you all.

    How they are made?
    Candles traditionally are made out of bees wax. Bees wax represents the fact that bees gather pollen from many places. Similar, we are to gather virtues from many places and make it part of our life.

    How we use them?
    * We light candles at church, referring to the heavens that is enlightened with the Lord Jesus Christ.
    * We light the candles while reading the Holy Bible because God's word is the world's light.
    * We light candles in front of saints’ icons remembering how the fire of godly love and persecution was ignited in them, until they presented themselves as a ransom.

    Why we use them/what do they symbolize?
    Candles symbolize our lives.  Look at a candle and how it burns. The more the light shines, the more the candle diminishes. Likewise we must serve others on the expense of ourselves.

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