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im currently in the beginning of my second year in an engineering university. my current major is biomedical engineering. i am most likely going to specialize in electronics but i need to know a background of biology, chemistry and anatomy first. to be honest i have always hated biology and chemistry and i never did well in school in the subject but my major requires a background of biology and things of that nature. should i just continue in my major now and just deal with biology and chemistry as something i have to stuggle through? does it really matter in the long run if im not good at biology or chemistry? i feel like i wont be able to do my job right or i will hate my job once i graduate because i cant understand biology or chemistry.

i have a question that confuses me.. will it even matter(spiritually) what my life is like after i graduate? all that matters is that God is in my life right?

please help me.. and pray for me


  • If your going to probably end up specializing in electronics then I don't see where either of those three are needed. Biomedical engineering though sounds like it would involve a lot about those subjects and if you hate those and they are used a lot in the job, you should not do it then because you will end up hating your job. The important thing when doing a major is that you are doing something that you are going to like and if a job you want involves subjects you don't like then why bother?

    You can do what you want though. If you end up hating your job, don't blame God for it so if whatever you end up doing makes you unhappy and hurts your relationship with God then avoid it like the plague. Whatever you end up doing, make sure your life always has Christ at the center of everything and everything else comes secondary.
  • +If u really need to study them..ask God to help you... nothing it ever too big for God. God created heaven and earth, im sure He can help u with something as small as uni. Trust Him and pray a lot..i cant stress enough how important prayer is..-from the agpia and from your heart.

    btw, go to this link..contemplations by H.H. Pope Shenouda III..number 4: HH contemplates on the greatness of God.
  • marenhos epchois, I'm wondering what have you done eventualy?
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