The Coptic Orthodox Church and Islam


Since the Orthodox Church, especially the Coptic Orthodox Church, has the greatest interaction with Islam, I was wanting to know if any of you could provide a list of works by Orthodox Christian apologists who interacted and defended the beliefs of the Church against Islam?

I am aware of the writing of St. John of Damascus but I was curious as to whether or not any other Church Fathers or even recent Orthodox believers wrote against Islam?



  • I have no idea if this will help or not, but Islam has recently faced much criticism from the likes of Father Zakaria Botrous.  Although he is an CO priest, he's not allowed to practice, due to his choice to be the almost self-ordained 'exposer' of Islam's falicies.  Fr. Zakaria has quite the following amongst many Christians, in general.  He has his own show and his own site, where one can contact him.  He is probably the most published source of Orthodox opinions regarding Islam, one can find.

    There are also many outspoken CO priests in Egypt, who despite the circumstances and the threat of punishment, don't seem to be phased enough to quite themselves down, and so many of them have been involved in much legal troubles.  These include Frs. M**** , M* (rumored), and another elderly priest, from the church of St. M*'s in *, who probably should be given a frequent visitors pass to the police station. 
  • You may find this interesting;
  • A book that might interest you is Witnesses for Christ by Fr. Michael Vaporis which contains the stories of around 200 New Matryrs who died at the hand of the Turks. What makes this book great is that it has an account of the dialogue between the martyrs and the Turkish authorities in which they defend the Faith against Islam. I highly recommend it.
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