Abouna Athanasius Ragheb

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Does anybody have an audio file of a liturgy by Abouna Athanasius Ragheb???????????

Pray for me


  • Does Anybody Have It????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • My apologies; I had attached a link for Fr. Antonious Ragheb, not Fr. Athanasius Ragheb.
  • I also really like his liturgies

    if somebody has it please post the link
  • Please, I really need a recording, or just post a link of any abouna that has a great voice thank you
  • +Rabena yebarkak!
    Abouna Youseff Asaad has a beautiful voice.
    and so do Abouna Bishoy Andrawes and abouna Gregory bishay.

    here are a few good coptic liturgy download websites:
  • please people I need that liturgy
  • Forgive me for my imapatience but i must have it put on a cd by sunday
  • http://www.copticnet.com/ for fr ANTONIOUS Ragheb..
    you said you wanted the link..
    maybe try your church bookshop or call the bookshop supervisor and ask him if they have it.
  • Hey Geomike,
    Here is a live broadcast with Anba Agathon and they alternate. Abouna Athanasius is at about 42 minutes.. Enjoy!
    I hope I can be of more help, sorry I wont be going to his church before this sunday.


    You can find sermons for him on this website too..its basically his church website

    please keep me and my many weakness in your prayers
    -your sister in Christ
  • Thank You GUys SO much

    Again sorry for my impatience
  • thank you for that video it was amazing

    But if anyone wants to post a link to the Abouna with the best voice in your perspective please post
  • Sorry I cant find it anywhere.
    Aydan Fal Nashkor Allah!
  • +the link that perfectsinner suggested above, is such a peaceful mass.
  • I have a recording of a liturgy prayed by him.

    Anyone who wants it please PM me your email.
  • Hey guys, sorry to resurrect this thread. I just recently was asked for a recording of Abouna Athanasius Ragheb's liturgy and I realized that I lost the recording I got from this thread. If anybody has one please let me know. Thank you :)
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