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  • Such it is with siblings. Siblings always poke fun at each other. I've had to (and still do) deal with being picked on by my older brother my whole life pretty much but he means well and we have fun with each other. I'm sure your brothers are the same way; they love you but it's fun to mess around. Especially if they are older than you than it is natural that they would give you a hard time. Don't let it upset you and laugh with them because they don't mean any real harm when they do such things.
  • a BOOK?!

    i assume they are young.... very very young, right?
  • i can't laugh at it because they are laughing at me. I need some advice of how to deal wth them.
  • how old are they
  • some people are sensitive and don't like to made fun of. That's ok. You need to sit and talk to them about it and make it clear that they are having fun on your expense because you get hurt. If they didn't get it ask for an adult help. someone to talk to them. Anyways, you must ignore totally their behavior. by ignore, I mean pretend you didn't listen at all and try not to change your facial expression. (it is hard, but it usually works) they will feel bad about themselves, because you didn't give the attention they wanted. After a while they will be forced to stop.
  • Ignoring is good. When they do it, ignore it. When they see that it bothers you then they may be tempted all the more to do it. Or you could tell them to stop the silliness because you don't like it.
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