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If anyone has miracles that happened in their lives or a close person's life they'd like to share, please post them. It would be really nice if we can have a few posts of God's name being glorified in each of these miracles.

+God bless you+


  • hi
    well last year there was this guy from church and he had a car accident and the car tipped over and stuff and he got internal bleeding in this brain and he was like in acoma for a couple of months and he was the only child and the parents were heaps upset and the docters and stuff said he wasn't going to make it but now he is ok and is very normal
    so that was a miracle
    there is this lady in my other church i dont really no what happened but she was on life support and the doctors wanted to take her of but the children said no and the doctors go if u leave it on there will be a rare chance for her to come back (out of acoma whatever it was) and if she does she would be paralysed for life and stuff but they still left it on and now she is a normal person she can do anything like you and me and she even remembered stuff that happened before

    thats y we should always thank God for what we have and also thank God that he saved those people

  • This is an awsome miracle its really nice i got it in an email , read the whole thing cuz its really coool

    In a program on the Egyptian Television Ch.1 (Khalf El Aswar) which
    interviews people who are in jail, the presenter was interviewing a man who
    locked his 2 nephews (alive) with the coffin of their dead mother.
    The elder boy was 11 and the younger one was still breast-fed. Their
    uncle wanted to get rid of the kids to take all the money that his sister had.
    The presenter interviewed the uncle first.. and then came the turn of the boys..
    The elder boy narrated how his uncle had locked them in and how a passing-by person heard their voices after 10 days and broke the door to get them out.
    The presenter asked the elder brother about how they survived through those 10 days. The boy said "There was a man who comes to us everyday. He used to wake up my mother and let her breast-feed my younger brother and he also got me food to eat."
    So, the presenter asked : "how would you describe this person? Do
    you know his name? How does he look like?"
    The presenter said "Do you know that you're talking about the Prophet EISSA?" (Eissa is the name of Jesus Christ in Quran) Then the
    program was cut-off and has not be aired till now. This was 3-4 weeks ago.

    its kinda of long but really coool ;D
  • o WOW!! :o that was awesome beshoyrm.. lol i just read it right now!! but y would they cut the show off???
    i've herd of alot of miracles i'll post them later.. for now i wanna read more so c'mon ppl..

    Rina ;)
  • y they would cut the show of???
    uhm, muslims ::)
    they don't want to hear about miracles that prove our religion right, and their's wrong
  • ya ur EXTREAMLY right but r they really that bad?? :-\
  • theres a lot of versions of that miracle..I want to know which one is the exact right one. I guess because it was so quickly spread that facts were confused..
  • a girl was walking home by herself at night and was terrified. she saw a man in dark clothes, and because she was scared she started doing the sing of the cross. the next morning she reads in the newspaper that a man at the same place she was at the same time she was there did something horrible to a woman. she went to the police station she saw the same man and was able to identify that he was there at that time at that place. when they asked the man y he didnt attack her, he said because he saw a huge man in a white robe walking beside her protecting her.
  • wow..that's beautiful :)
  • that was awesome bron3.. i LOVE IT.. its gonna take me a while to get good miracles.. even tho all miracles r awesome.. but i'll be back w/ good ones.. keep them coming ppl...

    Rina ;)
  • Miracles are always happening in our lives :)..it's just that we're too blind to see them..
  • that miracle was so old....a very nice one ...infact i herd it the day after about ten times in arabic being spread to ppl at church and in sunday skool and all dat
    now thats a good way gossip is used ::) ....lol
    egyptians these days
    and its gr8 to c the muslims proven wrong!
  • hi guys i am going to post a miracle which happened to me.

    one day i was on the way 2 st anthonys monastery. waws in a bus which belonged to am family it was getting late and we were almost there when the car broke down. i sed 2 maself it would be a great blessing if i start walking. and if i find sum1 to take me there i will go with them i was walking for about 1 hour and i couldnt find the deir i started saying to st anthony why? why? are you doing this to me i come trying to see your blessed monastery and this is how you thank me. then 2 make matters worse my wallet was stolen i saw a man with a beard and he was wearin a Black galabeya i todl him my problem and he led me to the deir. then he ran off after the robbers. a couple of meters away from the deir i found the same man running after me with my wallet. and i thanked him very well just wen i was taking 20 pounds to gie to him he vanished. then i found a picture of anba antonious which i never had in my wallet. i realised that this old person who helped me was anba antonious himself. after this time i stayed for 1 month in the monastery.

    i hope you all enjoyed this :D
    Justin Abdelsayed
  • hay
    hay Justin that was really really nice and cool hay was that the monastery in Melbourne???

    pray for me
    GBU all
  • Thats an amazing Miracle wow do u still have the picture and can u describe his face
  • WOW
    excellent story
    thats kool
    by any chance ...can u scan the pic and post it on the site?
    that would be fantastic!!..
    sanks for sharing and caring!
  • Justin, since u mentioned 20 pounds....i figured it wasnt in the monastery in melbourne..............
    so, FROG.....its not in melbourne its in Egypt......
    is it the monastery in the red sea????
    if it is ...............i got to tell u later.....lol
    i gtg now
    GBU ;)
  • hey everyone how are u all. these are two miracles which happened to my sisters:

    a couple of years ago we where in egypt for a holiday and the whole family was taking a trip to some of the monastries we basically slept in any motel on the way between the monastires. anyway after a couple of days sarah ( my sister) got so sick and was basically dying. we had a docter on the trip with us who conformed that sarah was in a dangerous state im not sure but i think it was a disease in her liver or something im not 2 sure anyway we were near a monastry called Deir il Moharag. we were all praying and crying . when we got there mum spoke to Abouna and explained the situation He then told her give me sarah. he took sarah into the alter and laid her on the rocks in which our Jesus laid on. instantly sarah began to heal she was suddenly fine and when the docetr with us ran some tests she confirmed there was no trace whatsoever of the disease.

    another miracle:

    my younger sister veronica was with us in Germany when all of a sudden she became so sick and weak to the extent she couldnt get out of bed. tab3an mum panicked and we got her to the hospital and many tests were done. the results all showed the veronica had a problem with her heart and she didnt have much longer to live. the docters said nothing could be done at all. mum spent that night with veronica sleeping right next to her. she was praying and crying all night to her intercessor St Thomas. she fell asleep a while later and during the night a strong light woke her up, when she woke she found a hand on veronica's chest she checked and found it was'nt hers or Veronicas but because of all the stress and tiredness she was feeling she went back to bed. morning came and to the shock of everyone ESPECIALLY the docters who lost hope veronica was back to normal as if nothing happened.

    thanx for reading this guys and i hope that this has bought warmth to your hearts.
    Rabina ma3koom :)
  • i also have a mracle, that happened to me and i still rmber it
    when i was young, my brothers love to play tug of war, pulling on both my arms, one day my shoulders got dislocated and nobody noticed, but when i went to church (st.Marks church toronto) i drank water and i got healed
  • WOW
    water power!
    When i was little, I was in a very bad case of depression. i used to throw up every day at night, during midnight or that time around. I had also just lost my grandpa and i was wondering if grandpa was still alive, how he'd treat me. i was sleeping and then in my dream, i saw a beautiful chair burgungy with golden arms and legs (of a chair) and someone was sitting on it. then the person slowly turned his face toward me. it was Pope KYrillos!! He said to me by my name, how are you? what's wrong with you? and smiled. then, i woke up
    ever since that dream, i didn't throw up at night, unless i was sick of course and my depression was gone.
  • A miracle i read in a book of miracles by pope Kyrillos caught my attention. Back in the time of pope Kyrillos, once his holiness the pope was praying the liturgy. A little child kept on following him everywhere he went with the shoria, putting his hand on the inscence coming out of it. The pope prayed the mass, and after the mass was done, one of the deacon elders questioned the child asking him about the reason he followed the pope everywhere. The child answered, THERE WAS AN ANGEL FOLLOWING THE POPE IN EVERY STEP HE WAS TAKING, AND ALL THAT TIME I WAS TRYING TO TAKE HOLD OF IT'S BEAUTIFUL WINGS.
  • o my gosh guardian angel that is soooooooooooo sweet thanx for sharing

    any 1 else

    GBU all
  • In line with all the wonderfull posts you guys have been posting, I will be posting a some every once in a while.
    This mirical happend in the 1990s in Philopateer Marcorius Monestary in old cairo, Egypt. The monestary was making some renevations, they were almost done, but they needed a long ladder to paint the fence. The contractor responsible for the work said he doesn't have such ladder and if he was to buy one, he will charge the monestary as he doesn't need such a thing.
    The nuns prayed and asked Philopateer to help.
    That night two thevies came to rob the monestary, they brought a Long ladder to jump over the fence. After they went up, they pulled the ladder and put it inside the monestary to come down (those who never seen the monestary, its fence is about five or six feet in width, so people can easly stand on it). They saw a "police officer" (non other than Philopateer) standing on the grand and ordering them to stop. They frose untill the nuns woke up and called the cops. When asked, the thevies said that the officer they first saw had dissapeared. Now the monestary has the ladder they needed to do the work.

    More to come...
  • Great Miracles....Very inspirational lets keep them coming, they are good to read and they help us remember there is someone always watching over us.
  • Las saturday was the beloveds saint philopateer's feast.
    On that day, me and my friends went out to have a good time and then on our way back the car had slipped and hit hard into the wall of the highway.
    There was a total of 5 people in the car. The 3 in the back werent wearing anyseatbelts. We all came out with nothing but scratches.
    but the most amazing and reassuring thing was the music that played as soon as we hit the wall.
    We had the Cd going. as soon as we hit, the cd switched to the tape and what we heard was incredible
    In the arabic language we heard
    In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    Truly this is an incredible miracle that i will remember forever and never forget.
    Glory be to God for ever and ever amen
  • Wow... These are really great guys! :)
  • I'll never forget the miracle that happened to me when i was visiting Egypt. i was in a very large club in masr al Gedeeda (Nady Elshams).Me and my neighbour/ friend were playing basketball, so i decided to put the gold chain i was wearing that my father gave to me in my backpack so it doesn't fall out while i was playing. I went to call my friend because he left the court telling him to wait for me. Before i left the court i checked my backpack and looked for my chain, and sadly i couldn't find the gold chain, which was really expensive. I began to worry,and i panicked and i looked for it everywhere in the muddy field beside the court hoping to find it there, because that's where i lost the chain. I couln't find the chain, so me and my friend went to the security office asking them if someone found and brought back the chain. The answered NO ONE BROUGHT ANYTHING TO US! They asked me with an angry tone saying WHO WOULD LEAVE A VERY EXPENSIVE THING LIKE THIS IN SUCH A LARGE CLUB! Then they called one of the security guards that was by the court and told me to go there and he'll help me. So i went and when i arrived there, he wouldn't help me and told me to go and play somewhere else( ROOH EL3AB BE3EED). After the guy left, i saw two men. They told us to go back to the court and check everywhere for it. It was getting dark and i had no faith i'd find it. As i searched the ground, i couldn't find it, then i checked again in my backpack. i couldn't find the chain and told them THERE"S NO WAY I"LL FIND IT IN THIS DARK PLACE!They replied back I"M SURE YOU"LL FIND IT! So i went to the muddy field to look for it for the last time. i walked and couln't find anything but the two men were follwing me looking for it. THEN suddenly, one of those men had a confued look on his face and kneeled to the ground and pulled out the chain asking me if this was it. I was so happy, and thanked them. Then one of the men said, IF YOU EVER NEED ME AGAIN COME AND ASK ME! He walked behind a tree, and vanished. i was confused by this saying. Then when i went home, i was looking at a book that my neighbour had and it had the picture of Anba WANNAS the saint on it. I was surprised, because when i looked at the picture i remembered that his face characteristics were the same as the guy's characteristics that helped me. Then i told my mother and she said ALL THAT TIME I WAS ASKING FOR ANBA WANNAS's INTERCETIONS !
  • My family is like the miracle head quarters... lol. St. Kyrollos saved my sister from a 2 story fall by appearing to her, my grandma's bible dripped oil, the picture on her wall lights up sometimes, my aunt's St. Mary picture once became life-size and walked around the room decorating it with flowers, my friend's cousin fell between railroad tracks and when the train left, all that was left was marks on his shirt, he said that a bright light came and laid infront of him... Is that enough? lol
  • yes thats right people if u ever lose anything make sure you call on Anba Wannas straight away because he will always help you like my friend lost her earing at church and she kept asking for his intercessions and she was visiting her sister later on in the day and she found her earing there and she didnt go there earlier to lose it
    also i lost my earing twice and i found it through his intercessions

    hay soccerstar20042005 thats sooo holy and like sooooooo cool
    please keep them coming

  • well, in my church an Iraqi person came with his family... all Iraqies love pope Kyrillos, so they came on his feast, they took oil and hanoot, and a few books, the guy had cancer... so they were home, the wife was reading the book, and fell asleep, and dremt that pope kyrillos came and heald her husband... she woke up her husband felt bad, went to the doctor, and the doctor said he was fine... and now they are coptic in our church.
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