Taraneem el 3adra

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+ Heey guys, +

  I am looking for a few teraniem (songs) and hope so you can help me.

  For the fast of St mary we need a lot of teraneem because I and another girl
  are going to sing then. Does anyone know where I can find  the LYRIC/ songtext of ' mariam ism gamiel' and 'omena ya 3adra'?. Audio of these I already have.
And most teraniem in the green teraniem book I have (not all). I prefer a text which is written fonetic ( with english letters) but arabic is good too. Does anyone know other teraniem and text?
Thanks in advance, and looking forward you many comments :)



  • There is always hail to mary, you could also possibly say ya meem reh ya meem even though that is a madee7a for teoi enhikanos during kiahk, but i think it would be ok. Also I praise the virgin(amdah fel batool), Sorry i don't have the text for these but thought i'd just give you some ideas if you were looking for any
  • a good thing you can do is, take the songs listen to them... and write them in "arabish"(Arabic in English letters)

    and you can then post them here so we can take the blessings also....

    akhadna el baraka... neshkor Allah!

  • Thank you guys, but eh superbam, my arabic is not 100 % so
    I think only listening to the teraniema is not so handy...
    anyway, does anyone have also more teraniem?
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