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Peace and Grace from our Lord Jesus Christ,

I am Peter Sedrak, A member of the HCOC – The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church. This is a Coptic Hymns choir group that is located Canada.

The aim of the Choir is the preservation of the hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church, through receiving and recording the most accurate versions of hymns. Basically, we try to keep the Coptic hymns alive, by memorizing and recording known hymns and hymns that have been lost or are not sung in the church any more. We follow a rigorous study and analysis of Coptic hymnology from past great Cantors. So if you want to find out more about what we do, you must visit the almost new and improved website Here are some of the highlights of the website and choir services, we present: -

a)   You can read about the History of Hymns
b)   Listen and learn from weekly hymn classes
c)   Listen to the group’s live recordings at Liturgies, Sunday Midnight Praises, Kiahk nights, and much more
d)   Contemplations of hymns
e)   Listen to Hymnology Sermons and Spiritual Songs
f)   See our Discussion Forums, where you can raise any spiritual issues or doctrine issues that you need an answer for
g)   And Most importantly listen to our Sample Productions and Order them right from your desktop

We now have two professional HCOC productions:
-The Rites and hymns of the Annual Sunday Midnight Praise and,
-The Rites and hymns of the Annual Sunday Vespers Praise

Also Coming Soon:
-The Rites and hymns of the Liturgy of the Word
-The Rite and Hymns of the Annual Weekday Praise

As Coptic Orthodox Christians, we consider it a labor of love to Christ our God and to His Church to firmly commit - by the grace of God - to receive and record all the hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church, in order to preserve Her heritage.
This commitment is also reflected in the quality of our recordings. We strive to sing praises to God in unisons, with one voice. We strive to keep the rendering of the hymns without any augmentation, and with musical adornment, putting great emphasis on correct pronunciation of both the Coptic and Greek languages.

I personally encourage you to visit our website, that you may be able to contribute in our strive to protect and preserve the rites and hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church, through the knowledge and referencing of the Coptic hymns, with the utmost spirituality and dedication.

If you have any questions or comments, you can send me an email at [email protected] or contact the website administrator, when you visit the site. Thanks and talk to you soon.


Peter Sedrak
A member of the HCOC choir.



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