Please pray for me

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I have been struggling with a sin that i can not seem to get rid of. PLEASE pray for me and my weakness so that God may purify our hearts and minds and let us see the True Light!!!

Thank You


  • Your in my prayers egyboy
    God bless
  • I will keep you in my prayers....... hang on there and keep trying..... God is so loving and watching over you and every time you try, he is blessing you.... never give up on God and He will never give up on you.
    May God give strength and victory.
  • Same here.
    Dear God please help us all the sinners to overcome our weaknesses. Amen.

    Let us all pray for each other.
  • Hi Eggboy, you are in my prayers. Try to read the Bible as much as you can and pray all the time. God never leaves those who seek him.

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