Re: Money Scams

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Hi there,
Hows everyone? Well I hope!
I need help please....Got an email saying Western Union has all this money for me. Has anyone heard of this scam? It couldn't be real right??! Does anyone know someone else who has received such an email? Thank u for your help.
GODS Love,


  • Unfortunately I receive such emails every day. The first one was quite exciting! The worst aspect is that I receive many emails from people claiming to be dying Christians who wish to donate a large amount of money to a Christian ministry.

    These are all scams and are shameful. The perpetrators wish to gain your bank details so they can steal your money.

    Take care.

    Father Peter
  • Thank u for the reply Peter! They wouldn't get much from me anyway, hahaha. I'm poor and more and more glad for that everyday! Nothing for people to take, hahaha.
    But still seriously thanks for the info, cause these banks will let them still from u and just bill ya!

  • Honey. if those emails are real, no one today would be in need. I’ve been receiving those emails since 2004. Now I delete them without even bother to open them. Trust me, in a materialistic world no one would give anything without a price paid in return. These emails want to take your information and misuse it. Don’t fall into it.
  • Yeah, u r right Godslamb dear! Just happend to check my junk mail for a change and found a couple of those emails. I'll let them stay in the junk file :P. Gosh we r lambs among wolves!
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