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  • i think its fine to wear skinny jeans to church. nothing is being shown, and personally i find them quite unattractive to begin with, but whatever floats you boat :) just no mini skirts or booty shorrts. thats a no-no
  • *the following is meant in good intentions only, not to offend or hurt anybody*

    I always grew up wearing pants to church and i one time asked my FoC if it would be alright if i wore shorts for once cause all the other kids were doing it, including my friends. he then said"if you go to your principal or go to see a very important person, would you wear shorts. God is more important and deserves more respect. i guess another analogy is " If you are going to have an interview for med school or for a job, would you turn up in shorts? the obvious answer is no, and this is because we want the interviewer to get a good impression and so that we may respect them. Now, Going to church to see God and to partake of his body and blood, im sure you can do better than tight jeans. (i don't mean to offend anybody). I guess it is one of them "intentions" thing, were if your intentions have not harm then it is alright. Also, aren't they uncomfortable to wear, as previously posted, there are others things to look nice in with out calling for attention

    anyways, that is my 2 cents, please all pray for me.
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