Coptic Boy names

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Ok, I have a baby nephew coming soon! and I get to name him! I want something unique and different! and I love coptic names!
but all I know is Cyril (kyrollos) and Pavli (Pola)
do you know where I can find some more coptic names? or do you know any coptic names?


  • If you want unique then go for Abanoub :D

    if you want REALLY UNIQUE then go for ZEPHANIA

  • what does it mean?
  • What about Bishoy, Mina or Gerges?
  • ive got a name bot it not coptic its Greek,Kyriakos i think it means Gods Day:)or something like that..I Loveee this name and his story
  • "Bishoy" is a coptic name... it means high or lofty!
  • Stefanos - Stephen

    Stavros (Greek) - Cross

    Yostos- Justus

    Youlios - Julius

    Martiros - Martyr (there are people with this name :) )

    Antonious  - Antony/ Anthony

    Arsenious - Arsenious

    Look through the commemoration of the saints in tasbeha and the liturgy-- you'll find a lot more there.

  • first of all, please don't give him(providing he is a nephew, not a neice) a name that will get him "bullied" in school ;D ;D ;D  like it could still be a Coptic name, but nothing too "weird"...

    personally i like:
    Arsany (coptic version on Arsanious)
    Antony (Coptic version of Antonious)
    Anthony is also a very nice name, maybe use the french version of it: Antoine

    Karas is also a very nice name (of a GREAT SAINT)
    Bishoy is very nice Coptic name too (of Another GREAT SAINT)
    Mena is also a very nice name...

  • :P beshoy and mina are out of the picture cause his uncles are named that! :P
  • Actually, the nicest boys name I've ever heard is "Hiedra". I dont think it's Coptic, but I know there a few Copts in Egypt with that name. I think originally it's Spainish.
  • [coptic]`tseri`niwtIYC tamenrit>
    teer`,ria `nws `nremen<ymi nem ]araboc[/coptic]
    You need to read Coptic and Arabic
    [coptic]`mnai e;byte@[/coptic]
    there you go:,156.0.html
    [coptic]oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]
  • perhaps you can see the saint of the day he is born on and if you like it, then name him after him/her.
  • Sorry for late response, your nephew has probraly already been named. but i will still suggest a good name: 
    Mark. bibically, it means polite/shining. the roman  term however, means: "God of war".
  • Mina/Mena is a nice Coptic name, but just in case anyone here does not know, outside of the Coptic world it is a female name, so it could cause some confusion or maybe even teasing of the boy depending on the familiarity of the people around you with Coptic culture.
  • Hi @Jeremy,
    It happens a lot, even within the same language - some names are used for both genders, eg Charlie, Sam, Ashley, etc and as in your suggestion, Andrea is a feminine name in English and masculine in Italian. Serena is another name where the same applies.
    Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ ⲡϭⲥ
  • @Jeremy We were going to name our second son Mina/Mena, but we went with it for the middle name because Mina is feminine in Italian.
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