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My priest asked me to write a play with a moral for a huge festival i have no ideas though, does anyone know of famous christian plays that i can use or have ideas thank you


  • i wrote a few... and i have a few novels ive written...
  • I think it would be nice to focus on the sin of pride, since its the root of all sins and the original sin that kicked us out of paradise. I think that this can be developed through a plot with one main character that struggles with this sin. The different scenes can portray the manifestation of the sin in the characters behavior and in their dealings with others.

    Proposed scene plots:
    1)showing off skills/ strengths in front of two closest friends and downgrading their skills making himself better/at higher standing(Friends A and B)
    --- which results in these scenes---
    2) Friend A cant take it and gets frusterated from their actions, and finally causes a fight with a series of accusations mutually and friendship is off. The main character as a result is really upset and goes through the memories they had with friend A
    3) Friend B tries to be a good friend and not hurt his friend once more, so sticks around. As a result begins to develop low self esteem, loses all confidence in them self, and becomes jealous of the main character and commits suicide, leaving a letter behind to main character and parents of reason and what lead to it.(it being suicide)
    4)Main character becomes very lonely after losing his best friends.
    There are 2 twists that can happen from here..A) he runs into a bad crowd and begins living a sinful life with drugs..etc and parents find out-main character treats parents with pride by being disobedient and with anger. The main character eventually turns to the church or B) goes directly to the church after finding himself lonely- the turn to GOd can be as follows; initially main character speaks to foc, foc brings to attention the verses in the Bible that speak about humility and pride. Main character deeply affected by abounas words leaves new friends and becomes consistent in the church and eventually makes a good friend that sticks by their side. main character asks for assistance of the friend to overcome the sin of pride and with the help of friend and obedience to abouna's exercises (by pointing it out in his actions while they are hanging out), main character is free from the sin of pride :) (FINALLY!!) lol

    Morals within the play would be:
    1)results of pride
    2)Importance of good friendship
    3)Importance of foc and confession

    Do any alterations with it as you please and break it up.. i think at the end i clumped a bunch of scenes together.. I think you get the idea though, if something doesnt make sense, please let me know and I will elaborate or explain.

    please keep me in your prayers
    -chief of sinners
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