Double Death at Hove Flats

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Hey Brothers and Sisters.
Yesterday someone Told me that a Coptic Ex-Couple was found stubbed to Death
The Terrible thing was that they think the Man Stubbed his Ex-Wife and then himself..
The Shock for me was that i saw the Woman at Sunday in the Monastery in Germany(we were there for 3 weeks,and the Woman was there with 2 other People from our church visiting the monastery)
Its terrible:(

The Argus did a Report about it:

May God Repose their Souls

Please pray for my weaknesses


  • it's aweful, this shows how sometimes divorce is the right choice! (a reply to the thread about should my parents divorce?)
  • nothing in the article mentions they had marital problems, so let's not jump to conclusions. also, nothing in the article says it was a murder-suicide. from what i read, each had multiple wounds, i doubt someone will stab themselves more than once after stabbing his wife more than doesn't seem realistic. let's wait and see what the investigation brings up, but from my opinion....i'd rather have facts before jumping to conclusions
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