Texas Monastery??

I know there is a monastery in Texas but I can't find it online--I'm pretty sure it's Coptic Orthodox but all I can find is Greek Orthodox...
Has anyone visited it? How was it? Can anyone find info on the internet??

meanwhile, i'll keep looking

God bless
Please pray for me


  • Here is the website http://abbey.suscopts.org/ its called St Mary & St Moses Abbey. I have been there recently, I had a great time, if you have any questions dont hesitate to PM me
  • The monastary in Texas is amazing, very peaceful and on a lake and has a great bookstore/library you can PM as well if you have questions but im sure I'm all yours O Lord can answer better than me since he/she visited more recently
  • thank you sooooooooo much
    jydeacon and I am all your Lord
    one more question, can I get a cross there?? i mean on my wrist
  • Not that i know of, I didn't see them doing crosses but its something you can always ask once you are there.
  • No they dont have that option yet
    If you really want to get a cross, any tattoo place can do that for you and you choose the cross that you like
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