The right use of condums?

A copule of weeks ago I overheard some kids or even my Sunday school teacher saying that it was a sin to use it but I was on my phone outside of the classrom when it finished. Anyways if this is true that means the only time to have sex is when you want to have kids?

Thank you.


  • You summed the issue up nicely  :D
  • ...actually i'm pretty sure the COC allows the use of conterceptives....such as condoms and birth control...
  • Its totally appropriate to use such methods, nothing against the church.
  • As I understand the issue, the church does allow the use of contraceptives; however, this use is limited to the use of the birth control pill on the part of the woman. This is because the pill tricks the body into thinking that the woman is already pregnant (when, in fact, she isn't) so that the body does not release any eggs. This is allowed since when the couple have sex the sperm is not being hindered from reaching the egg, which is not allowed. The egg simply never existed in the first place.
  • ..that's interesting !!

    how sure are you about it, though???

    because that doesn't sound natural either..
    how can tricking your body into thinking your pregnant be acceptable but not preventing the sperm from getting there not be acceptable...? hmm...
  • Of course the Coptic Orthodox Church allows the use of contraception including condoms.
    However,from my understanding the use of the mourning after pill is against the church rules as it allows the egg to be discarded by the body which may be already fertalised.

    I believe the Catholic church does not allow any from of contraception.
  • I'm almost positive the Coptic Church allows the use of condoms. I'm sure I read that from Pope Shenouda III himself. Hopefully Fr. Peter can give us any references on the subject.

    And yes, the Catholic Church has a blanket condemnation on ALL birth control except for NFP (natural family planning).

  • I  doubt think they allow it
    this will explan everything
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