does anyone have 'wast el bahr' lyrics?

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hi my lovely tasbeha friends,
does anyone have the lyrics to wast el bahr? (in the middle of the sea)
its the one where one of the choruses is 'lama shuftu, seraht irhamnee' or something like that, and i downloaded it from this site. i love it, and want to understand more of it!
english or arabic lyrics are ok, ideally both!
thank u, God bless u


  • Here you go:

    In the midst of the raging sea
    There I was sailing
    The waves were pounding me
    Making me afraid
    And it seems
    That Christ has left me
    I no longer see Him,
    Because of my weak faith

    Jesus when He saw me
    Came to me quickly
    In my despair and darkness
    He opened my eyes
    When I saw Him
    I cried, “Have Mercy”
    He came to me quickly
    And had mercy on me

    The sounds of the angry waves
    Agonized my ears
    Darkness of the creeping night
    Has threatened my peace
    And the tears
    Have not left my eyes
    And the peaceful sleep
    Had departed from me


    I took the oar and started rowing
    But my hopes have failed
    My weakness and my ignorance
    Brought more grief to me
    And my Lord
    At the shore sees me
    When will You come to me
    And restore my hope

    I was in despair and drowning
    And my hope is torn
    I came to my beloved Lord
    Offering Him my tears
    When He saw me
    He had compassion on me
    He stretched out His sweet hand
    And dried my tears
  • thanks so much, jy deacon!
    i looked for this for about a year and you replied in the same day!
    the translation is v beautiful.
    :)  :)

    i don't suppose anyone has it in arabic...
  • وسط البحر الهايج وأنا ساير تلطمني أمواجه تجعلني حاير
    ويسوع باين تركني ولا عدت أشوفه من ضعف إيماني
    ق: يسوع لما رآني أسرعَّ إلي في يأسي و ظلامي نور عينيَّ
    لما شفته صرخت ارحمني جه أنقذني و أتحنن عليَّ
    +صوت الرياح مخيفة يزعج آذاني هول الليل وظلامه هدد سلامي
    والدموع لا تترك عينيَّ والنعاس الهادي قد فارق أجفاني
    +أخذت المجداف أجدف خابت آمالي ضعفى وعجزي وجهلي زود أحزاني
    ويسوع ع الشط شايفنى أمتى تيجى يا ربى وترد أماني
    +كنت غرقان ويائس وأملى مقطوع جيت ليسوع حبيبي أذرف له الدموع
    لما رآني عطف عليَّ مد ايده الحلوة ومسح لى عيني

    Wast el ba7r el hayeg, we ana sayer, teltomni (tedrabni) amwago, teg3alni 7ayer
    we Yasou3, bayen tarakni, wala 3odt ashofo men da3f emani

    Yasou3 lamma ra2ani, asra3 ilaya, fi ya2si we zalami, nawwar 3enaya
    lamma shofto, sarakht er7amni, geh anqazni we et7annen 3alaya

    Soot el reyaa7 mokheef yez3eg azani, hawl el leel we zalamo, hadded salami
    We eddemou3 la tatrok 3ayni, we el no3aas el hadi qad faraq agfani

    Akhazt el megdaaf agaddef, khabet amali, da3fi we 3agzi we gahli, zawed a7zani
    We Yasou3 3al shat shayefni, emta teegi ya Rabbi, we teroddeli amani

    Kont ghar2aan we yabes we amali ma2tou3, geet le Yasou3 7abeebi azref lo el demoo3
    Lamma ra2aani 3ataf 3alaya mad eedo el 7elwa we masa7 3enaya

    Plz keep my weakness in your prayers
  • thanks so much, Godislove, will be singing it on way to work!!
    God bless u
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