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Hi everyone!
Christos Anesty! Alethos Anesty!

So technically we're not supposed to do matenias during this joyful time in the church, but if we did, would it be wrong? ye3ni....would it be considered a sin?

Also, what is the right way to do matenias? I've seen people make the sign of the cross standing up, then do a matenia. Others make the sign of the cross on their knees and just bend the upper part fo their body in worship. Is there a right and wrong way?

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  • As far as I know a matania is done by kneeling and bowing your head to the ground as if to say to God: my sins have brought me to the ground, I admit my wrongs and weaknesses, note that the hands have to be closed symbolizing the fact that we do not take anything from the ground, earth, the world... When standing up again, we thank God for His great mercy which is greater than our sins we thank Him because we get up by the power of His resurrection...

    If some people do it without getting up (just kneeling the whole time), I think that might be due to health problems or lack of space or something...

    That's what I found out, but I'm sure there are more interpretations and contemplations out there
    and anyways, this is just a physical expression of something that should be in the heart and mind
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