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im kinda overwieght here is it a sin to not eat to lose wieght, i know exercising isn't but is this?


  • u should neva hurt ur self theres a differents between not eating, and controlin wat u eat.
    diont forget the bible tells us that we shouldnt even worry bout wat we eat, wat we wear, how we look, just focus on the beauty of God's creation...

    i know this is hard, but dont get sucked into the world, we are nott of this world so dont let the world and society affect u.

    ur beautiful the way God made u, but if its un healthy then u must care wats going on and fix it, but in a safe way.
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    I want to be fit so i make the basketball team is that wrong??

    (im not aiming this is in a rude way)
  • If exercising and dieting is a sin… then I’m going to hell in a hand basket.

    It’s not a sin to exercise, and it’s not a sin to diet. In addition, it’s not a sin to be fat. It is a sin to be gluttonous, but just because you are fat doesn’t mean you are gluttonous. Your metabolism plays a huge role in how your body handles the food you eat. If you are like me, you can eat anything and everything and won’t gain weight too quickly. Other people eat the slightest thing and they gain weight. So clearly you can’t judge who is gluttonous and who isn’t based on their weight. Just remember… there are two kinds of people. People who eat to live, and people who live to eat. Try to be the first guy. So… if you feel the need to exercise or diet, go ahead. I actually encourage it; it’s good for you!
  • being fit is different to not eating and starving ur self!!
    i love basketball!!!!
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    Ok Thanks Very Much, I will take the advice, pray for me

    i want to make the basketball team!! :)
  • really wat type of team, skool?
    i play here in australia,
    beautiful sport!
    i pray that u enjoy it heaps!!
  • I love basketball I good at it>

    It is not a sin to be overweight but it is a sin if you tell every one to make you food and force your mom to make you food
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    Umm..... i play shooting guard, but it seems that i have a little chance of being on the team without being thin (more used to sports, not to muich fat to carry, jumping higher) so i have the skills as most of the team but i cant use them due to my slight overwieghtness
  • play soccer ;D
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