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Please Help me!!
I am in serious need.
I am addicted to Pornography.
It is more addicting than Heroine, and it is taking me away from God.
What should i do?
I need serious help!!
Please Help me!!

I pray that you may give me guidance and that I ultimately leave this grave sin one day with the will of God.


  • Hey Moomoo, umm ok i kno its harder than it sounds.. and wut ur going through is very.. umm well like u said adicting but i think that if u feel guilty doing it then u'll feel emmbaresed to go to ur FOC and confes it then u'll feel guilty and won't do it again bcz then u'll have to go back and confes it again... which means punishment...
    and also try to keep urself busy... i mean go out.. hang out w/ friends u kno wut i mean... thats just my opinion...
    Hope it helps :-\
    Rina ;)
  • Rina is right, keep ur self occupied. whenever u come to watch it, do something else.
    1 thing u could do is come on this site (its very addicting) or other beneficial sites.

    another thing is talk to God, like you would talk to anyone else. that might help, it helps me keep clean thoughts.
  • U kno we all have some sort of addiction one way or another...its just that some of us recognize it right away while it takes some time for others....but i'll tell u something that keeps me from doing really "bad"things sometimes.....i always keep a picture of Jesus or pope kyrillos around me in front of me sumwhere where they can see me and i can see them. Right before i'm about to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing, its as though they're looking at you screaming No dont do it. You should try it....put a picture of Jesus or a saint on your computer, and trust me you'll be ashamed to do to anything when they're staring at worx for me....good luck hun ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • .put a picture of Jesus or a saint on your computer, and trust me you'll be ashamed to do to anything when they're staring at you

    On my old computer I had a icon of Christ as my wallpaper and it seemed to help me quite a bit.Everytime I thought about doing something bad on the computer I would see that FACE and would be convicted not to do the sin.Another good thing would be to get a filter that keeps pornography off your computer.Also put your computer in a place that is open to the rest of the family;a place where you would be ashamed to look at anything bad.
  • You stated that porgnorgraphy is "addictive" for sure as many other sins, pornography is addictive, and thats why you shouldnt be a slave to anything, dont be a slave to sin!
    do you control sin or does sin control you?

    Temptations in life are hard but you must "endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ" 2 Timothy 2:3
    lets not be "lovers of pleasure, rather than lovers of God" 2 Timothy 3:4

    Keep Jesus in your heart always and whenever you feel like you are tempted to do anything bad do the sign of the cross, and remember that the cross that you just made, Jesus paid a lot for it, He paid His blood.!

    In the end all the lusts of this world are passing away. Keep walking straight in the path that will lead you to eternal life, do not look to the left, nor to the right, because there are many distractions and many temptations along the way, and if you dont pay attention to where you are going, you will be lost!

    whose more important to you pornography? or Christ? ;)

    pray from all your heart, that our Lord Jesus Christ, who gives strength to the weak, may help you overcome this temptation.

    So you can overcome anything as long as God's with you :)
  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and the Holy Spirit +. The One True God. Amen[/glow].


    Pornography is very addicting since its a way of getting high on your own brain chemicals. Many use pornography as a way of escape to life's challenges. It becomes obessesive and feelings of shame are common traits of this sex addiction.

    I do have good news for you Moomoo. There are 12 step groups modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous that can help you and its FREE! You can give a voluntary donation but its not mandatory. There are several of these groups and they don't conflict with Orthodoxy since its about spirituality and not religion. There's a feeling of empowerment when you meet others like yourself struggling in this disease since you don't feel alone anymore. Plus the 12 Step spirituality can even enhance your Orthodox Christian living since it involves practical solutions to a complex problem. So combining good regular meetings with these groups as well as sessions with your Confession father and partaking of the Sacraments , you WILL experience the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that perhaps many of us will not. We all heal in diferent ways.

    Here are some groups you can check out online: Sexaholics Anonymous, Sexual Recovery Anonymous, Sex and Love Anonymous. Sexaholics Anonymous has been highly recommended for people who are very religous since their definition of "sexual sobriety" agrees with our Christian values.

    One more thing: please reflect on 1 Corinthians 6:12-20. It gives us hope since we are reminded that the Holy Spirit dwells within us since we are His Temples. You are special Moomoo thus seek the help you need and have the assurance that Christ is with you, healing you through all these channels. My prayers and hand goes out to you in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ! ;D
  • Oh man,
    You're 14 and ur addicted to pornography?!?! that's bad!
    sometimes it is very tempting any you just wanna keep on seeing it, but H.G. Anba Reweiss said, what would happen if you died while watching this stuff, would this be a holy death? NO! I would recommend that you maybe either cut using ur computer or maybe get a Parental control filter so that you wouldn't even be tempted to go to such sites. My laptop is called by the reest of the youth in my Church "consecrated", and that's because I don't have bad stuff in it and I have a backgroud of my Lord Jesus Christ, try doing that too and "consecrate" your computer. ;)

    God Bless
  • Hey I used to have that problem. Here's a really important hint: STOP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Trust me the more you look at that junk, the more addicted you get. TRUST ME.
  • Moomoo,

    I find that whenever I have really enormous sins that are hard for me to control, WHATEVER they might be; fasting helps in ways you can’t imagine. When you learn to control what you eat, it helps you to control a lot of other things too. You might be thinking “eating isnt the same as this” but its just the principal. If you tell your body no to food, you will be able to tell it no to cursing, porn, or anything else. It REALLY works. Please try it out. There is a fast coming up really soon. Participate in it and at the same time make an active effort to control yourself with this, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Regardless of any sin anybody is struggling with; fasting is a great way of overcoming them. I would be really happy to hear that this worked for you, and I’m very confident that it will. Give it a shot during this upcoming fast.

    And of course, pray and all that stuff…
  • my friend we dont know wen were goin to die, so wen im addicted to a certain sin, i just say to myself, well if i die today, will i be ok with God, will he know that i tried to live a life reflecting Christ, dont tell urself that ur not strong enough, u will never be tempted with sumthing bigger than u can handle, and also understand that u cant do it on ur own, only through christ will overcome ur sin.
    take a look at ur life and see if ur lacking anywhere else, either in prayers, in ur lanuage u use, anything, and fix that up, (especially prayer) and ull find wen the oppertunity presents itself ull not only be strong enough to overcome it, but ull despise it, and u wont return to it.
    also never make excuses, for me, making excuses always makes me fall, like if i dont want to pray, i wood say, well half the people i know dont pray regulary why shood i, or just this once it wont count...
    the worst one is..."well everyone else it doin it" or "sum people do worse that"
    have srength through christ, persevere, endure, and u will overcome it..
    also matanyeeas/prostrations very helpful.
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