Everyone's Fear in Education...

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Hello Dear Ones.... First i do want to Thank you for spending every moment of your time in reading my passage and helping me with this great struggle. :-\ Alright... Let me start out with saying my average In Algebra 2 Honors is a B for right now.... The end of the marking Period is in 2 days which means that all the grades for that period of the course will be closed by that date... My dad is a very strict man which only accepts A+s. I am starting to lose faith in my Dear God.... I do Pray every single day and beleive that miracles do happen! The only help i need from you is please Pray for me And Make my faith Greatly stronger... :'( I appreacite your consideration And Thank You all again for being there !!
~May God's Angels Protect You~


  • :'(..please please please dont cry..
    (personally i think a B is ok :)..but i can understand your dad...my dad is the same..i mean if i had gotten a B in algebra ---> im dead, i got a B 1 quarter in calculus it was like the end of the world :-\!!!)

    I hope you get an A and dont worry about it, as long as you studied and did your best, leave the rest to God, have some faith

    "Put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success" Proverbs 3:6

    the prayers of our mother, St. Mary, and all the saints be with you
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