Je Peniot - Translation troubles...

Hi all,

As part of a school production I have to translate Our Father in Coptic, writing the literal meaning of each Coptic word directly under it. I've done what I can but there are a couple of phrases which have me stumped:

Ouoh ,a ny`eteron nan `ebol 

I am having trouble understanding what ny`eteron means. I know that ny means 'those' and `et means 'which', but what does the rest of the word mean?

But once you put the whole clause together, it becomes even more confusing

Ouoh ,a `nyeteron nan `ebol `mvry] hwn `nten,w `ebol `nny`ete ouon `ntan `erwou

The way I translated it, it means: "And forgive us (whatever nee-eteron means) as we also so that we forgive that which we have upon them."

Clearly there is something wrong there. Can anybody shed some light on this part of the prayer?

God bless


  • Im taking a shot in the dark here, but could it be trespasses, sins, or transgressions? I mean thats obviously what it is in english, but im thinking its got to be one of those three or something similar, hopefully ophadece can clear this up for us.
  • [coptic],a [/coptic]= leave
    [coptic]ny [/coptic]= those
    [coptic]et [/coptic]= which
    [coptic]er [/coptic]= do
    [coptic]on [/coptic]= them
    [coptic]nan [/coptic]= ours
    [coptic]ebol [/coptic]= out (literally [coptic],a ebol [/coptic]= leave out = forgive)
    So in better English translation it becomes "leave those deeds which we do them (are ours)"
    [coptic]oujai qen `P=[=c[/coptic]
  • OK cool, that makes sense. Thanks guys

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