Anger and Pride

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hey everyone,

can anyone one please guide me whether with just words of advice, or verses from the bible, or with sayings of the fathers, or with anything else you can think of on the 2 topics of

Anger and Pride

thanks and pray for me


  • About Anger by St John Cassian..

    How our fourth conflict is against the sin of anger, and how many evils this passion produces.

    IN our fourth combat the deadly poison of anger has to be utterly rooted out from the inmost
    comers of our soul. For as long as this remains in our hearts, and blinds with its hurtful darkness
    the eye of the soul, we can neither acquire right judgment and discretion, nor gain the insight which
    springs from an honest gaze, or ripeness of counsel, nor can we be partakers of life, or retentive of
    righteousness, or even have the capacity for spiritual and true light: “for,” says one, “mine eye is
    disturbed by reason of anger.” Nor can we become partakers of wisdom, even though we are
    considered wise by universal consent, for “anger rests in the bosom of fools.” Nor can we even
    attain immortal life, although we are accounted prudent in the opinion of everybody, for “anger
    destroys even the prudent.” Nor shall we be able with clear judgment of heart to secure the
    controlling power of righteousness, even though we are reckoned perfect and holy in the estimation of all men, for “the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.” Nor can we by any
    possibility acquire that esteem and honour which is so frequently seen even in worldlings, even
    though we are thought noble and honourable through the privileges of birth, because “an angry
    man is dishonoured.” Nor again can we secure any ripeness of counsel, even though we appear
    to be weighty, and endowed with the utmost knowledge; because “an angry man acts without
    counsel.” Nor can we be free from dangerous disturbances, nor be without sin, even though no
    sort of disturbances be brought upon us by others; because “a passionate man engenders quarrels,
    but an angry man digs up sins.”

    There is much more about Anger and Pride in the works of St John Cassian. You can find them here..

    There is too much to post here. Start by looking in the Twelve Book of the Institutes.

    Father Peter
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