Psalms while baking Korban

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hey, i have a question about the people that do korban

Why is it necessary that they read (or listen) to psalms?

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  • Good question! I'm not exactly sure, but my dad said whenever the psalms aren't played during the making of korban than the korban messes up somehow, and whenever it is played than it turns out fine. The psalms are very powerful (keep the psalms and the psalms will keep you)... but I would also like to know why they are played during the making of korban. I'm sure there is a reason..

  • Just a little note...technically the psalms of the first hour are supposed to be prayed during the making of the orban, not just played on a tape recorder. I understand that this is often difficult, I just wanted to point out that this is the ideal. The prayer of the first hour is supposed to be prayed before every liturgy and maybe this is why it is prayed it during the making of the orban. Not to mention the fact that one of the orbans which are being made will eventually be used in the eucharist and so it is a good idea to make them in a prayerful state. These, however, are just some thoughts that came to mind. I do not know for sure.

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  • From my own experience, and that of others I have spoken to, it is true that when the korban are being prepared in an atmosphere of prayer then this makes a positive difference to the quality. I am sure that from the practical point of view this has to do with taking more care, kneading better etc etc, but from the spiritual point of view since the korban are an offering to God it is reasonable that the more of ourselves, in terms of spiritual effort, we put in then the greater and better the gift.

    It would be good to learn just a few of the psalms from the First Hour off by heart, not all of them at once, so that you can make them your own prayers while you bake the bread.

    God bless you

    Father Peter
  • I asked a deacon and this is what he said:

    They contain the prophecies of Christ from birth to resurrection, and it is like the birth of Christ.. even the place where the Orban is made they call Bethlehem.
  • thank you all for your replies...these forums are such a blessing

    i was going to ask another question before Tεκcoνι μέσα Πεχριcτoc gave that response...but ill ask it anyway

    i was going to say ... to keep the spiritual atmosphere, is it ok if the person listens to let's say hymns or tasbeha or sermons? but...after what Tεκcoνι μέσα Πεχριcτoc said, i guess not

    thanks and pray for me
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