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Hay this is andrewz sista Verena....... 8)
I was just wondering why girls and guys have to swim seperatley... y is it considered bad...and looked down upon by alot of ppl....even if u just consider each other brotherz and sistaz..
Does anyone else think it is strange how this subject is looked upon...???
Also going to the movies is bad because it is a dark place and u nva no wat could happen...... How did ppls opinons get extremely wrong...
Does anyone else think this???
Hay do any of uz live in New Zealand??? :-\


  • Hey andrew, i don't think there's nothing wrong w/ that but unfortunatly our parents and COC don't alow it... :-\
    its like dating and the Girlfriend/boyfriend thing... i guess it's considered a "bad thing" and a sin too..
    i kno i'm saying this and knowing it but i don't agree w/ it... i'm sure i'm not the only one... :-\
    i'm not from New zealand but i kno how u feel buddy.. :)

    Rina ;)
  • its cuz guys and girls will check each other out, not necessarily willingly or anything, but its more tempting to look at a guy without a shirt on then with one on u know? that's what they think, and then itll lead to weird s tuff so thats y they dont like it i guess... i kinda think its a little weird if theyre from church cuz its sorta weird cuz ur so used to them in deacons tonyas and for the guys, ur so used to girls wearing fancy and not showing skin, then all of a sudden, ull see their limbs and stuff i guess, loll
  • yeah i agree with SaviourOfMySoul, i used to think this is just a typical egyptian-stubborn-people-stupid-culture thing, but then i thought about it, why would u like to go swim with people from church?????????
    I mean, if u want to have fun, go organise a competition with all kinds of sports, or go watch a movie, there's a million things, but swimming will probably be too revealing.
    Our bodies are the temples of God and we aren't supposed to be proud of it or show it off, and if there's a part of the group that won't be affected by it, i'm sure there will be other who kinda will be tempted.

    Here's a reply to this question by HG Yousef if i'm not mistaking:

    Q Regarding adornment: I personally do not believe bathing suits for the beach are appropriate, again are there any exceptions, or this is a personal decision one makes based on his own values/morals and upbringing?

    A The original purpose of bathing or swimming suits is to be used in the water for swimming not to be an attire to be worn when we sit, walk or lay down at the beach. Our bodies are the temple of God they are not for show or display they should always reflect His glory. "Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

  • I was just wondering how is boys and girls swimming together any less wrong with a supervisor there. Who do you mean by the supervisor, abouna, a sunday school teacher? ;D
  • well my mom doesn't have a problem with me going to pool parties if theres a parent there. so thats what i thought supervisor meant.
  • you know swimming with the same sex is not wrong at all ;D

  • Hey,
    well I think even with a supervisor it's still tempting because the supervisor will supervise your actions not your thoughts or your eyes...

  • i think its ok, especially for younger kids and older adults. But its a maybe for teenagers, as hormones are rampant. Never with any nasty bikini's or thongs, etc. of course.
  • I'm new and all to this site, but I kinda agree with both sides. Both yes and no. I think it depends on who exactly is going and what you know about these people. If these girls or boys that are going are known for impure ways, then you should be smart about it and not go. On the other hand, if the girls or boys going are respectable people, and parents know who's going, and there's some sort of adult, then go ahead. The thing with a supervisor is that anyone with intentions of the wrong sort will be intimidated by an authority figure, and rethink his/her intentions. Besides, if you know you aren't gonna do anything, then why's it matter if there's an adult or not? ::)...just my thoughts. :-\
  • hi guyz, i'm new to this site, but i love voicing my opinion. My theory is it depends personally on you. I mean who's to say that even going to the movies you're not going for that guy/girl??? If you view each other as brother and sister then that's great!!! but I mean you gotta use some common sense, and say girls you don't have to show up in that bikini that you just bought and have been dying to show off!!!
    I mean our priest here in has always said "love each other in a group" and it makes sense. It's whats in the heart that counts...
  • ok i go to pool parties with friends from school and i've really never seen that as wrong. Am i supposed to be seeing it as wrong? i've never been tempted or anything and the people around me i don't think i've been tempting in any way either. its honestly good clean 50s-like fun!
  • ok i dont think that people should get caught up in the whole swimming pool thing 1. if ur going to swim jus for fun its ok it doesnt matter if its a boy or girl in the pool jus distract ur mind with other things like talking and jus having fun 2. but i do have a comment about the whole clothes issue i mean i think its ok for like guys to swim with swimshorts cuz they long and cover parts that r "wrong to show" of our bodies. girls on the other hand sometimes wear like bikinis and other clothes jus to like have guys check them out so girls if u doin it jus for guys to check u out then yea mayb u shudnt dress like that and vise versa for the guys too
  • ok that is my opinion

    we have to imagine before doing sth if christ can share it with us do u all think that christ will like it or not

    beside that 1- we are not angels in this world and even if we were angels the devil may use such a view (in the swimming pool for example) to make us imagine bad views and make our eyes loose its innoscence
    2- in a swimming pool we may ouch each other and it will not be good at all if it happened betwen the opposite sexes because i said before we are not angels and even angels when they didn't get away of sins they turned to devils
    3- there is no necessary need for girls and boys to swim together at all they can swim but separately to run away from sins as st. paul said
  • I don't understand why a group of boys and girls can't go together to a pool just as friends. In the summer I used to always go with my church friends to the pool. The guys were my brothers and we just had fun. Nothing more! I mean it never ever tempted me to see a guy shirtless. Wow muscles big whoopee do da de. I guess it completly depends on the person. If you know it's gonna tempt you than why would you put yourself in that possesion. But if it's juss a bunch of friends and you know nothing is gonna go rong than why not. All in all, if you are all just friends I don't think it matters, but if you're gonna get tempted than you shouldn't do it. I mean they're just bodies. Every human has them. God wouldn't disapprove of it if it was just innocent play.
  • i definatly agree w/ u notofthisworld!! gr8 words lol ;D
  • yup i agree with notofthisworld too!
  • yea u cudnt have said it any better that was perfect
  • I agree too... what is everybody agreeing about?.... lol :D

    I mean it never ever tempted me to see a guy shirtless. Wow muscles big whoopee do da de

    Hopefullly you are a girl, okay checked your profile, good you are a girl...lol, which leads me to my point... GUYS ARE STUPID, its okay for me to say that, because I am a guy... we are not like the girls, you as a girl might not be tempted, but guys 95% of the time misunderstand the signals. you could wanna be just friends, but guys will misunderstand.

    If you know it's gonna tempt you than why would you put yourself in that possesion.

    you dont know if it is gonna tempt you or not, it just happens... you might think you are strong, but many times its just a trick, then you go to the place, and you are tempted.

    Now, I am not aganist it, but temptation is in everything we do, that is why if you dont have self and mind control, then you shouldnt go to the pool with the opposite sex.
  • Also going to the movies is bad because it is a dark place and u nva no wat could happen

    its ok as long as you go in a group

    in America, the movies is the #1 dating spot
  • just a regular group, not an even boy/girl kinda of thing...
  • I go to the movies in a group that has guys in it. I just don't sit next to them. ever.
  • but I am sure one of the girls will... but you can go as a group, not an even amount... because that will make the temptation stronger.
  • see... I understand tht it is not totally right for guyz and girls to swimm together...
    but i don't think that it is really wrong for a big group (guyz and girls) to play in the swimmin pool! as long as they are brothers and sisters =)
  • I think its okay if they are dressed right.... :-[ you know what I mean? 8) so a two piece, thong bikini would not work 8) 8) 8)
  • [quote author=socoolbishoy

    we are not like the girls, you as a girl might not be tempted, but guys 95% of the time misunderstand the signals. you could wanna be just friends, but guys will misunderstand.

    I totally agree guys aren't like girs They get tempted easily. We as girls could have the best intensions to just go to the pool with some friends :) who happend to be guys and the could be thinking of the worst things (no offence to any guy out there) and the same thing with dating where is that going to get you it's not like any of our parents' will let us get married that way. and thats not the only reason why we shouldn't but also ask yourselves will God approve of what you were doing. Seriously it says in 1st or 2nd John do not care for worldly desires (or something like that ;D) that includes dating! Swimming in the pool with guys and dating will get you nowhere!

  • Sry the secound Quote thing is mine :-[!
  • I didnt know that co-ed swimming was not allowed.. thats rather fanatic if u ask me!
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