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Hay this is andrewz sista Verena....... 8)
I was just wondering why girls and guys have to swim seperatley... y is it considered bad...and looked down upon by alot of ppl....even if u just consider each other brotherz and sistaz..
Does anyone else think it is strange how this subject is looked upon...???
Also going to the movies is bad because it is a dark place and u nva no wat could happen...... How did ppls opinons get extremely wrong...
Does anyone else think this???
Hay do any of uz live in New Zealand??? :-\


  • ..even if u just consider each other brotherz and sistaz..

    Thats what the Devil likes to tell us...lol...but if a female or male is wearing an inapropiate swimming suit then lust or evil thoughts will certainly enter the picture.We need to guard ourselves from such things.

    On the other hand if everyone is dressed, their body being covered in a decent fasion;then I see no reason why the two sexes could not swim together in christian fellowship.Thats only my opinion, but conservative christianity generally frowns on anything that could give place to the devil.
  • jfranklin, ive realized you are very sophisticated on religous topics, what religion are you?
    are you a priest?
  • jfranklin, ive realized you are very sophisticated on religous topics, what religion are you?
    are you a priest?

    Thank you for your compliment...lol....I would be considered an evangelical fundamentalist{though not a mean one...lol...many of my fundamentalist brethren are mean suckers...lol}christian,though I prefer to be known only as "a christian" without labels.I believe we are all{christians that is} part of the body of Christ.I am not a priest but certainly hold the office of priesthood {of all traditions} in high regard. God bless you.
  • so when u say covered in a decent fashion like a one piece instead of a two piece?
  • so when u say covered in a decent fashion like a one piece instead of a two piece?

    Call me old-fashioned...lol...but I say let a person when going swimming be covered from the neck to the ankles...lol...If you can do it with one piece,great;if not, as many as it takes.
  • but thats what the muslims do. Its really really too much.
  • Its really really too much

    Not really;if you take Christ's command for purity seriously.
  • Yes but muslims are like that and they think in this sort of way,, y can't it be just normal to go for a normal swim with a couple of friends?
  • ??? I dont understand ur point of view jfranklin...could u just make it a bit clearer....cuz being covered from head to toe while swimming...?! I dont really think i understand that....i mean like in order for u to be "pure" u have to wear sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt while swimming? I mean guys dont really have much choices, thier options r very limited...shorts, thats it, lolx...but with girls u can alter it around....i mean theres nothing wrong with shorts and w/e top u wanna wear...i dont see anything wrong with that, but i mean if ur wearing bikini'z and things that expose things that shouldnt be exposed, well thats another story but yeah the fact that u have 2 be covered from head 2 toe...i dont really comprehend it....i mean u might as well just go outside and stand in the rain....u get the same water effect and ppl wont look @ u weird whereas if u jump in a pool with pants and long sleeves ppl would think its time for a check-up @ the psychiatrists office, lolx....not that i care wut ppl think or nething, just saying u kno? Neways...can u just elaborate, lolx...sankis u man ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • I dont understand ur point of view jfranklin...could u just make it a bit clearer....

    I was actually joking...I quess the females on this board dont get my humor...lol...Seriously, a person needs to dress, in whatever situation, in a mannner worthy of Christ.One thing I need to point out to the females here on this forum is the fact that males are different from females in certain biological aspects{as you already no doubt know}.Males can easily be aroused by visual stimulation{this is scientifically a fact}while females are not affected{as much}by the same kind of stimuli.What may seem like harmless and innocent fun to a female may in fact produce the exact opposite reation in a male.God made the two sexes different in many ways!Females and males should always dress and act in a way that is pleasing to God which means we should never do anything that causes our brothers and sisters to stumble and sin against Christ!That doesnt just mean in church or church related activities,but actually encompasses all of life{including the times where we may be tempted to wear revealing outfits that could cause others to lust}.
  • wait, that means we have to be careful of something that is like out of our control? so we have to suffer cause males ummm how do i say this think certain things?
  • ::) ::) ::)

    Wow! I'm getting all the females mad at me...lol...

    I'm only suggesting{actually just repeating what the Bible says about purity}that we all should live and walk in a manner that builds our brothers and sisters up,not tear them down by doing things that could cause them to sin.If a person wears an outfit that is revealing and provacative,generally the outcome of such an act doesnt lead to godliness...lol...
  • [quote author=jfranklin link=board=1;threadid=773;start=0#msg14216 date=1100152909]
    ::) ::) ::)

    Wow! I'm getting all the females mad at me...lol...

    i was just joking. ;)

    but honestly, females always get it harder than the males.
  • but honestly, females always get it harder than the males.

    So true!It seems there is a double standard for the sexes in everything!I dont agree with it or think it's fair but sadly thats the way it's always been.Praise God though it wont be like that in Heaven.
  • lol, i think there's 2 threads bout the same subject, so here's my opinion posted again caus the the matter is being discussed on this thread now ;D

    i used to think this is just a typical egyptian-stubborn-people-stupid-culture thing, but then i thought about it, why would u like to go swim with people from church?????????
    I mean, if u want to have fun, go organise a competition with all kinds of sports, or go watch a movie, there's a million things, but swimming will probably be too revealing.
    Our bodies are the temples of God and we aren't supposed to be proud of it or show it off, and if there's a part of the group that won't be affected by it, i'm sure there will be other who kinda will be tempted.

    Here's a reply to this question by HG Yousef if i'm not mistaking:

    Q Regarding adornment: I personally do not believe bathing suits for the beach are appropriate, again are there any exceptions, or this is a personal decision one makes based on his own values/morals and upbringing?

    A The original purpose of bathing or swimming suits is to be used in the water for swimming not to be an attire to be worn when we sit, walk or lay down at the beach. Our bodies are the temple of God they are not for show or display they should always reflect His glory. "Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

  • I thought a verse which would be applicable to this situation, if not any would be:
    [center]But when you thus sin against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, you sin against Christ. Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never again eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble. -I Cor 8:12-13[/center]

    I think St. Paul clarifies the matter best.

    Pray for me,
  • so are bathing suits ok or not?!
  • well i usually get this like tank top and skirt bathing suit. how's that? my parents think its fine. I went to this retreat last year to Pennsylvania and wore it and tasoni didn't say anything.
  • i so agree wif wat hos erof said

    like i h8 swimin all 2gether. first the outfits then the looks then the comments, seriousli its jus not worth it. if ur wearin sumfin revealin ppl obviousli look and u make em stumble (mainly referin 2 gurls here) and if ur totally covered ppl will think ur crazy lol
    so either go out 2 da movies or sumfin but if u really insist on goin swimin i gues its up 2 u. wearwat u wan but make sure its appropriate.

  • even if you were covered from neck to ankles (both guys and girls) when you get out of the water, there isnt exactly any breathing room between the cloth of the clothing and the skin. Wouldnt that kind of show a persons physique??(did i spell that right)

    I mean most of the time we go swimming is with our family and relatives, so your fine there. Like Hos Erof stated there are a million other things that you can do with your friends at the church, go out to eat, go to the park, play sports, etc.
  • I can't swim but can I join in ;) ;) ;D LOL..............
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