Strict Fasting

Hey Guys!

I had a question about Strict Fasting. Why is it not allowed on Sat. and Sun, Sunday is a bit more obvious but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks and GB!


  • I don't quite understand are you asking about strict fasting during the Great Lent because the whole Great Lent is strict fasting with Kiahk only wed. and Fri. are strict fasting and in annual or any other day wed. and fri. are also strict fasting.
  • Tishori is talking about fasting with abstinence. There is no fasting with abstinence on Saturday because it is the Sabbath, a day of rest. Even though we as Christians consider Sunday the "new" sabbath, early Christians came from a Jewish background and therefore felt both Sunday and Saturday should be free from so-called "strict" fasting.
  • We do abstain from certain foods throughout Lent, including Saturday and Sunday, that is, we do not eat animal products at all during this season.

    But we do not fast, which is to say, give up eating of any sort, during Saturday and Sunday.

    Of course this does not mean that we should go mad on Saturdays and Sundays. On Sundays we are in any case keeping the eucharistic fast until after the liturgy, and on Saturday it is wise to eat modestly, even if it is also good to have a little breakfast, even just a bit of toast, so that we are clear to ourselves that we are not fasting.

    It is easy to fall into sin if, after having kept the fast until the time prescribed by our spiritual fathers, we then go overboard and eat too much. A full stomach does have spiritual consequences.

    Father Peter
  • Thank you Abouna, and Aiernovi. And Sorry for not making my question clear, I meant fasting with Abstinence.

    Thanks again and God bless you're fasts!
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