Return to old values for our children's sake

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Hi everyone!

These days, we are increasingly hearing stories such as the one below:

         Likewise, we read of all sorts of unimaginable, perverted acts taking place against children and even month-old infants. Its becoming a big bad world out there. Questionable acts involving "consenting adults" are increasingly take place around us. As a parent, I dread to think how the world has changed for the worse from the time we were kids in the 70s & 80s. Today, you hear of kids doing substance abuse, filming / sharing vulgar videos, getting into bad relationships and basically trying to prove something to their peers. How do we insulate our youngsters from going wayward and falling victim to these disturbing trends?

Unfortunately many people have a very casual "none of my business" attitude towards such incidents. Our sensitivity seems to have become numbed by the almost daily occurrence of such incidents. Only when somebody known to us is directly affected do we sit up and take notice.

How do we protect our kids and teens from falling prey, bombarded as they are, by lifestyles portrayed on TV, cinema, web access and even watching the general public. Being adults, we often get so absorbed watching TV or browsing the net, what to speak of kids. I seem to think that the following issues are responsible:

1. Parents prioritizing career and social life over family life causing lonely children to seek comfort and pleasure outside home.
2. Neglect of regular prayer life due to work pressure, distractions due to TV, internet, video games etc.
3. Poor communication and failure by some parents in disciplining their children and supervising their activity.
4. Rationalizing and condoning inappropriate behavior - Some parents actually close their eyes to their childrens' inappropriate dress sense, language, disrespect for elders etc. Today's "reality show" mania is actually playing a major role in conditioning our daily behavior.   

In trying to figure out, it becomes somewhat apparent that the arrival of the information age coupled with higher earnings / disposable income is mostly responsible. Over the years, we can notice a gradual shift in our behavior and thought pattern- specifically after satellite TV, internet, video games, mobile phones became available.

Now we don't live like the Amish community that has resisted outside influence and retained their old way of life. Check this out...
I believe we must take drastic and sustained measures to counter this. I'd like us to discuss how we can cope with this flood of temptations and evil influences? This is a serious fight against the tide for the sake of our children.

God bless,

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