Please remember the people of Gaza in your prayers

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These people have been suffering wars and occupation for more than 60 years now, they are trapped in Gaza between Hamas and Israel, suffering and dying  , and no one is doing anything, they have been abandoned by all... Let's pray for God to be with them...


  • I think you will find that people on this forum have mixed views- which are fine, because it is a political issue, rather than a spiritual issue. The spiritual issue is showing love to the captives, the oppressed, the hungry, the widow, the orphan and the stranger. I think we have all those in both Israel and Gaza, as a result of this heated and highly contentious, never-ending war.
  • I am working on a website and organisation to raise awareness of the situation of Christians in Israel and Palestine, not because Muslims are not suffering also, but because it seems that the shrinking Christian communities there are even more forgotten. I'll post updates here as it develops, but I would like what I am planning and praying about to encourage regular committed prayer, distribute news and raise awareness and funds for our brethren.

    In Christ

  • Hi Peter,

    Im really looking forward to seeing this site. I think it is a wonderful idea.

    However, I honestly think the cause of this suffering is deeply rooted in the incorrect theology of the Evangelical right in the United states. They are Christian Zionists. I really feel that the CoC needs to be firm about ideas such as dispensionalism, christian-zionism, zionism etc. and address them head on.

    America has proven that it will yield to the wishes of the majority. With the Jewish pro-zionists and Evangelical Zionists lobbying the States and working closely with associations such as AIPAC, they would definately sway political opinion in the country.

    It worries me when I see this. Americans are extremely religious people, yet so ignorant at times, and all they have to educate them is "The God channel" where Christian Zionists such as Pat Robertson and John Hagee are there 24/7 telling them that unless they supported zionism, they are not saved (as Christians!).
  • Sorry, this was not meant to be a political discussion...
    People are suffering, christians, muslims or jews, civilian deaths are unacceptable
    and the ruining of people's homes and countries and future isn't either
  • [quote author=Godislove260 link=topic=7551.msg99292#msg99292 date=1231935778]
    Sorry, this was not meant to be a political discussion...
    People are suffering, christians, muslims or jews, civilian deaths are unacceptable
    and the ruining of people's homes and countries and future isn't either


    How can we dis-associate this from politics? You are asking us to pray for Gazans who are being killed needlessly by the IDF; but it was America that abstained from voting for a UN resolution to implement a ceasefire that would have indeed saved countless of lives. They wickedly abstained from voting. They want Israel to carry on its duty.

    Do you wish me to pray for the Palestinians that they don't die, or shall I pray for the Americans and Israelis so that they stop killing them?
  • QT, I would love to discuss the political and ethical side to this, but I thought since this topic was meant for prayer requests it wouldn't be fitting to discuss politics here...
    Also, it doesn't really matter to a mother who just lost her 2 year old baby who started it and who's fault it is, the only One who can comfort her now is God...
  • Godislove,

    I agree- we should pray for them: but their hope is in the political will of America.

    It is the same as me praying for food, when all I need is a job. Do you see what I mean? There is food, i just need a fair chance to get a job to earn a living. Praying for food and not working to get a job would be like praying for the Palestinians without praying for the Americans so that they can be honest enough to treat the Palestinians with dignity and give them their land back and their sovreignity.
  • yeah, i am praying.
    can't believe i cried today at my friends' house, they r muslim, we were watching the arabic channels, but it wasn't the pictures that did it, i started thinking how awful it must be in the hospitals with so few resources and so much suffering. my friend never saw me cry before and he saw me go through lots of difficult stuff.
    i am a bit overwhelmed like i'm sure many of u are. i believe it's wrong to annihilate israel, it's also wrong to inflict such extreme physical and mental torture on so many people. i can only begin to imagine how the Christians r suffering there, the ones i am in touch with can't get in (obviously) from the surrounding countries.
    peter, if u set up the site pls let us know then if anyone there has electricity there they will know we will never forget them in our prayers.
    God has the power to heal and help us to forgive. please Lord bring relief soon  :(
  • I am keeping Palestinians in my prayers every day.

    I cry so much these days for what is happening to the Palestinians. I have many Palestinian Muslim friends who are in so much distress and pain these days and I pray that God blesses both sides and has justice for all the children and women and families who have died.
  • Is the Coptic Church organising a relief fund?
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