Long Deacon Response to the confession or enopion

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does anyone have the english translation of the long english response to the confession or the long enopion so kirie in arabic? can someone post those two in english please?


  • the Long enoupion(which i dont' really think has a source) is Before you O Lord we are kneeling and worshiping and the long confession is on this site, but i don't have a translation for it. I'm sure someone will be willing to translate the arabic too english for you
  • thanks really appreciate it
  • i cant seem to find the long confession can you provide a link?
  • ohh sorry i mean text of it
  • Oh sorry, i wasn't clear either, i don't have the text in english, but here it is in coptic. [coptic]Amyn Amyn Amyn ]nah] ]nah] ]nah]@ Je ;ai te qen oume;mi `amyn. Twbh `ejen ,rictianoc niben et qen mai niben@ `etaujoc nan `eerepoumeui qen ]ekklycia@ qen nen]ho nem nentwbh nem nen `precbia.
    `MV] pinayt `anon hwn nemwou aripenmeui qen peknai sa eneh qen `;metouro `nnivyoui @ Iycou <ricte bacileu `ymwn cwtem `eron ouoh nai nan@ Amen Allylouia`
    Proceuxac;e `upper tyc axiac metaly'eowc a,rantwn ke epouraniwn twn agiwn muctyriwn Kurie Eleycon
  • thanks soo much, do you have it in arabic also?
  • Yes i do, but i don't have arabic fonts, nor am i a strong reader to be able to transliterate it into english arabic, sorry I'm sure someone else would be willing to put it up for you who is fluent in arabic

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
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