Is it bad to read books with witchcraft?



  • g argiriadis,
    i agree with you that we need to show compassion to the lost. when i was still a child, i used to visit my old next door neighbour even though i know for a fact she was praying against Christians and spreading untrue rumours against us and practising witchcraft. i saw the tools of her trade at her house. and, yes, what she did was more harmful (both to her and her clients) than reading about it. yes, it was scary. however, i saw the little sick old lady behind the spells and cared for her.
    standing close to the edge of the cliff is not as bad as jumping off. but you don't know when it will become windy. so some of us are warning people against standing too close to the edge.
    if you say you know many people who stood close and who are fine, that's great. we know many people who are not fine. we care for the lost but we also care for those don't know what they may be getting involved with. i know you and some others think we are extreme. i prefer to think we are being extremely careful.
    thank you for showing concern in your posts and may God bless you.
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    Hello GArgiriadis,

      U look sad to throw these lies based on evil. Let me try to clarify my statement. I did not say u lied. I said u look sad to throw away the books which r full of lies based on evil. Did u get me? in another word, u r resisting not to let go off these lies filled books which sprung from evil.
      Telling the truth about someone is not stopping to love him. God is not only love but also Just. A sinner is a sinner and u r not maing him any good by telling him to relax. Infact the very ppl who loves u most forwarn u about the danger ahead.
      We know saints who were practicing witchcraft before the Lord saved them. God is merciful but is also just. You don't tell ppl about Heaven only but also hell. When u tell them about hell u r not a lier or pessimist. You r telling the Truth. Loving a witch as a person is one thing but telling how evil is their did another.
        But u know as humans u cannot expect us to be perfect in every word. I am just trying to reflect how evil a witchcraft is. It was the devil who taught the children of Cain the first time about such things.

  • Truth #1 -- Potatos contain glycoalkaloids that have been known to cause headaches, diarrhea, cramps and coma.
    Truth #2 -- Many types of beans, especially red kidney beans contain phytohaemagglutinin (PHA) which causes nausea and vomiting.

    Suppose you have a parent who is already using every trick in the book to get their kids to eat their vegetables.  Now suppose, you select a few truthful statements such as the ones I've mentionned above, and tell their kids all about it.  How do you suppose the parent would react?  Would they be right to tell you to buzz off?

    At any given point in time there are billions of things that you can say that are true.  (By the way, the computer screen you are looking at is on.)  Not all of those true things are helpful.  Some of those things are harmful.

    Historically, the statement "you are going to hell" has been used for personal gain, it was used by the Catholic church in the midages to extort money from the poor, and has generally been considered a statement used by self-righteous overly-judgemental hypocrites.  Saying that a person is on the path to hell before you fully convey that you love them is a highly effective way of shutting down the conversation, and reaffirming their notion that Christianity is a hateful religion.

    If you really want to help these people, you have to start by listening.  If you want to listen you have to encourage them to talk (not to continue in their sin).  Even if their tactic is to justify their actions, listen.  Let them clarify their thoughts; let them know you care and mean the best for them.  Don't drop the "hell" bomb on the conversation at all; it's not necessary.

    If you dont want to listen, or you feel the conversation may shake your faith then buzz off.

  • I must re-correct my statement. Since many of us are still very young witchcraft books can be spiritually harmful to many. First, let Christ be the foundation of your life. Then, live a life of repentance and joy in Christ. Mature in Christ. I used to read the Satanic Bible as a teen and experienced things that convinced me demons are real and hate us with an imaginable passion! Listen to your Abounas and don't read anything controversial without your abouna's permission and supervision. This way we can see we have surrendered all to Christ and will know His Holy Will more. Thank you!
  • After reviewing Bible verses about witchcraft , it is clear that God is against it. The Lord is also against, fornication, murder, idolatry etc. Do you honestly think that it is okay to read/watch/listen to media that God is against (whether it is fabricated or not)? Fornication is wrong but if I read about it or watch it (and it’s not really happening) then it’s okay....absolutely not. I cannot speak for other Christians, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and that means that even though books/movies/tv shows like Harry Potter are enticing, we try not to watch them. Don’t forget that we are in the world, but aren’t of it. That means we are not supposed to get comfortable; we are supposed to be different and heavenly minded. Do not become Lot’s wife and fall in love with worldliness. Use this as a rule for when you want to make a judgement: whatever is popular/accepted in the world is typically directly against the Lord.
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    Another important question: Does it feed your flesh or feed your Spirit (by giving honor to Jesus)?
    Really think and pray about it.
    I listen to music involving beastiality.
    I watch fictional movies involving bestiality.
    I read fictional books involving bestiality.
    I don’t actually commit or intend on participating in bestiality so all of the above actions are not sinful/bad...This is logic is extremely dangerous/deceptive for a Christian. Biblically, witchcraft, bestiality, child abuse/porn, blood drinking/vampirism, necromancy are all against God. You can’t pick and choose what is sinful according to what you are comfortable or uncomfortable with or what you enjoy or don’t enjoy. The Lord is clear on this issue in His Word. Even though Harry Potter is a fictional series involving witchcraft, it is still bad/sinful/against God and I can guarantee you that when you get to Heaven, it will not be there so why invest time on Earth with something that has no Heavenly value? This is the part about serving God that is not easy/comfortable. We have to deny ourselves some of the things our sinful flesh wants in order to grow in the Spirit.
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    God bless
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