Persuasive Essay: Coptic Language and Hymns

Coptic Language and Hymns should be used more often in Coptic Orthodox Church's

The Coptic Orthodox Church is a very ancient and strong Christian religion which is stable and is never changing as time goes by. The faith is of ancient Coptic hymns and tradition which is still used today. The origin of the faith comes from Egypt and is known all around the world and is a preaching religion. Many of the migrant countries such as, Australia and the U.S.A like to change the original language used which is Coptic, to English (or other languages) so that the congregation may understand. The Coptic language, as well as the hymns and tradition should be well-preserved, known to the people of the faith and promoted, when preaching to others who have not been exposed to the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Firstly, the Coptic Orthodox church has been in existence from which St. Mark the Evangelist preached this faith in Egypt. This saint is the founder of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt (Alexandria) in the year 61 A.D. As you know, this faith has been preserved for an extremely long time and the language, the hymns and tradition should not fade away as people like to change, but to be used more to stay an original form of Christianity as its title “Coptic” meaning the traditional language ("Coptic" means "Egyptian", and “orthodox” meaning "original").

All who are baptized of this faith and also call themselves ‘Coptic Orthodox Christians’ should know/learn the language and tradition of their own religion because it is what they call themselves as: ‘Coptic’. That means they belong, and understand the heritage and customs, the language and its traditions. In this situation, many ‘Copts’ can’t understand any Coptic and do not consider the original tradition of the church.

The reason to promote Coptic language and hymns to others who are being introduced to the church is to show how old and original the faith is. Original, having ‘Coptic’ as the churches own language, which of course no other religion uses the same. The language and also the hymns used in the liturgy is of strong, great tunes which is kept until today because many ‘Copts’ love it. When these people are exposed to such great tunes, they would want to learn and accept the faith. Lastly, many people convert to this Christian religion because they find the Coptic language and traditions are unique and have meaningful words.

The Coptic Orthodox church would not meet its expectations unless it consists of the Coptic Language, hymns and tradition and being precisely original, as its name, i.e. tradition. It has been preserved until now and therefore must stay like this because a lot of mission work has been contributed for the church to survive. Modern Copts should know about their own heritage form the beginning, because it is what makes up their own faith and religion, which is longing to be preserved. Many non-Copts as well as Copts enjoy the churches tunes of hymns and the Holy Liturgy brings them to church and invites them to participate in the church’s tradition.

By Jenny Mikhail


  • Dear Jenny Mikhail:
    I can't agree more with you. Although I do not know the Coptic language fluently, no more than few words and hymns that are popular in the liturgy, tasbeha and the Pacha week, I always longed to study the language as a full spoken and written live language. We owe our church that, to preserve our faith. I understand that some churches in California have adopted a strong program of teaching the Coptic language, I guess through UCLA, i'm not sure, but it's a great idea if we can spread it out through the Coptic churches in migrant countries.

    I hope the Coptic youth in the migrant countries (i.e. USA, Australia, Canada etc..) can come with some ideas of how to create study programs that would be interesting to our youth and even the adults to learn this great spiritual language.
    God bless you
  • that was a Persuasive Essay, which was an assigment for my english and i chose this topic because im all for it....
    i got 16/20 for my mark, but thats ok :D
    thanx for truly agreeing with me :D
    GBU ;)
  • yes well, i kind of edited it after i gave it to my teacher and before i posted it here....LOL ;D
    GBU ;)
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