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i was dancing with this girl during this dance, but she wasn't my girlfriend she was just a friend (since copts in generally dont believe in girlfriends) and i was slow dancing with her... and i just cant stop thinking about her ..... even in church (not when im praying) did i commit a sin? how can i keep my mind off her?


  • hey..
    im my its not a sin.. its normal and every once in a while we all get some1 who occupies our mind and thoughts...
    the sin would be thinkin of her with "impure thoughts" (i think u know wat im talkin about)
    and be careful of the actions u take on ur feelings...
  • no, I don't think its a sin. Its natural and normal for every guy to be preoccupied with girls at a certain age. As long as your thoughts aren't unpure, I don't think its a sin. If you want to stop thinking about her I'd just spend more time with your friends and try not to run in to her, eventually you'll stop thinking about her.

  • Matthew 5:28 - But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

    GBU ;)
  • hey man, i have the same problem. but never danced with her. i son't think it's a sin. i think that it's normal for guys to feel this way around girls.
  • you should not have danced let alone SLOW DANCED with her.. because now you cant stop thinkign about her.. which is preoccuping your mind which is not pleasign to God... since your mind is not with God right now..

    anyways since it did happen though, do not tell the girl that you cannot stop thinking about her.. just go on with your normal routine and dont dance with any more girls.. because clearly, dancing with a girl does affect guys' thoughts and please no guy out there contradict me because we can all learn from this example (same with girls dancing with guys)...

    so as i said b4 dont tell her that you cant stop thinkign about her.. and if you continue to exhibit more sinful thoughts, talk to you FOC.


  • Just don't let your thoughtsbecome anything more than that. Don't even let the thoughts go anywhere becasue that in itself is a sin. You have to treat a sin from when it is a baby, and in this case, and in all cases, it's the thoughts. Control your thoughts a bit, and gradually things will get better.

  • Personally, if I was in your position, I would ask my father of confession about the whole situation. I think he can guide you best and tell you exactly where you should go from here.

    May God guide you to make the right decision.

  • i was dancing with this girl during this dance, but she wasn't my girlfriend she was just a friend (since copts in generally dont believe in girlfriends) and i was slow dancing with her...

    I would avoid slow dancing with any girl as it can cause lustful thoughts and bodily reactions that are not good for your spiritual life.I speak from personal experience and from the testimony of others.If your able to dance with out these negative reactions I quess it wouldnt be wrong for you, but remember what Saint Paul said,"It is good for a man not to touch a woman".
  • i agree w/ jmoussa...
  • so all dancing its wrong? but i love dancing! i don't feel like its wrong. the tango is practically an art.
  • i skimmed those threads. It still seems like most people look down upon dancing. I'm not too much of a modern dance person, more of an 1800s gone with the windish waltz kind of person, and i frankly see nothing wrong with that. Grinding on the other hand..ew, major ew. :-\
  • we meant slow dancing is wrong not group dancing
  • i wasn't referring to group dancing. Thats obviously usually ok, but there is other dancing besides group dancing thats also ok.

  • Dear:
    think that this girl is your sister, and she is.
    Do you accept to anyone to do so and feel that.
    Think that on one day all u. know ht you did and think. I know you didn't do anything wrong, but as u. feel that means it is over your other feelings and interest.
    Try to look for the future, and have other intersts by the guide of abouna.may God be withu, pray for me
  • so ifnal question slow dancing wrong or right?

    most people say no, but i didn't do it to touch her or anything.. ill aks my father of confession but ill think he says i did a sin
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