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hay guys
i was looking for the hymn that is said before the eprakses on covenent thusday if any one can help me please do so



  • uhm , u mean the coptic praxis or the hymn before this one, that would be fai etaf enf.

    Both can be found here under this link:

  • thanks mat but that is not what i am looking for it is something diffrent thanks anyway
  • ru sure ur looking for a hymn before the Praxis on Covenant Thursday; the only hymns before the Praxis are:

    -Verses of the Cymbals (not really considered a hymn i think)
    -Doxologies (not really a hymn either)
    -Long Kiri Eleyson after the priest says Ifnoti nay nan
    -Rite after Kiri Eleyson there's Fai etaf enf
    -Rite after Fai etaf enf there's the coptic long mournfull Praxis.

    After the Praxis there's the Judas procession, maybe that's what u mean, or perhaps the mournfull agios after the procession, or the last option would be Avchnon, the long psalm after the Litany of the Gospel. As far as i know these are the only hymns in the First hour of Thursday. U can find them all easily by following the same link.

    And if that didnt help then i really wouldnt know lol :D

    good luck ;)
  • it is the third one you said
  • ok, any time ;)
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