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Considering that we are in this season, we should remember to always keep Christ in Christmas. Many people more people have been offended by the political correctness of America than benifitted. A lady walked into a store and said," Why is there 'holiday'? Everyone knows its for Christ, so we should say Christmas!" this is a true story. America cannot satisfy everyone, so sooner or later the country will become oblivion.


  • I disagree, the country won't be in a state of oblivion over phrases, but we as Christians need to be vocal and not be afraid to speak up. If someone wishes us a happy holiday on Christmas, wish them back Merry Christmas, and keep in mind that they might want to say merry Christmas, however, their employers being afraid of lawsuits (which happen over the stupidest of reasons) will tell them to keep it as secular as possible. If we want to keep Christ in Christmas, lets start with our actions. Give to needy children, the poor, etc. Then let us become vocal and petition to bring religion back into our holidays.
  • Does it honestly matter if we start saying happy holidays though? If Christ is truly in your heart, do you have any need to squabble over phrases?
  • sometimes I wonder, a post for the sake of a post? I disagree. I think it's dumb that people say happy holidays, and that they call it a holiday tree when it isn't associated with any other holiday...but there are a lot bigger things than merry Christmas out there, like the poor in egypt, what are they doing for Christmas? or the poor in America that are all around us, or simply the Good deeds you can do for people in this Christmas season. That is how you keep Christ in Christmas, you show people His wonders, and help them out. You show them Christ's gifts by giving them gifts, like food and clothes,

    "I was hungry and you did not feed Me, I was thirsty and you did not give Me drink."

    Makes you think, how do I really keep Christ in Christmas? Is it by my words, or my actions?
  • Yes indeed, the secular influence is being felt, not just during Christmastime but daily routine as well. We are increasingly dragged into a use & throw, consumption-based society. Even the normally frugal, simple-living ones sometimes desire for a new cell phone, digital camera or a game console in spite of having a working one already. Not saying these are bad in themselves but they tend to clutter our minds with distractions. In my case it did and I spent a lot of time comparing models, downloading software, getting updates, sharing files, getting accessories etc....all this during the Christmas-New Year week, when I should've been introspecting and reconditioning my spiritual side.

    And associating Christmas with dancing and loud partying is so inappropriate. Hotels scream about their upcoming dream event to be graced by a celebrity. There are guys who after downing a drink or two, start arguing theology. Even the sober ones around are so pre-occupied with hosting get-togethers, ensuring everything's spic and span, going overboard with fanciful decorations, organizing catering service for the guests etc. that they even skip attending Christmas service so that nothing is left to chance later in the day.

    Now where does our Lord fit into the midst of all this - He is conveniently sidelined because He is not really wanted in the midst of our shopping for crockery, furniture or plasma TV, our throwing noisy parties or indeed our vacation. We do not want to go on a guilt trip or be reminded of the lesser fortunate ones. That donation to the orphanage can wait but the killer offers and bargains at the shopping malls will not.

    Lord, have mercy on us!

    God bless,
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