does anyone know??

Hey, does anyone here have any references to what the early church fathers had to say about this verse? I find it very hard to understand

But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom. Mathew 26

First christ was talking about communion and than he mentioned this.. what does this mean? What did the early church fathers say about this verse? Im sure there is so much meaning behind it.


  • hello Mena , it's nice to share u about the questions u bring to share .

    from the explaination of the old fathers by Fr Tardos Yacoob .
    it is said that in the Heaven will be an extention of communion we've here on the earth . it will be the enjoying of being with lord Jesus all time . as we here just take the communion to be strong with Him and fixed through Him in the heaven our being will be so close to Him . it is an extention of the current liturgy but in a way we can't tell about it . here's also the arabic text of this explaination .

    يكمّل السيِّد كلماته: "وأقول لكم إني من الآن لا أشرب من نتاج الكرْمة هذا إلى ذلك اليوم حينما أشربه معكم جديدًا في ملكوت أبي" [29]. ما هو هذا الجديد الذي نشربه معه في ملكوت أبينا إلا تمتّعنا بشركة الاتّحاد مع الله في ذبيحة ابنه في السماوات على مستوى جديد. إنه اِمتداد لليتورجيّة الحاليّة ولكن بطريقة لا ينطق بها!

    hope that it is clear obvious  now , mention me in the payers .
  • thanks thats a great explanation, do you have anymore early church fathers who might have expanded on it a little more?
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