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Hey everyone,

I'm an new member here. i was just wondering if anyonhe lived aroung the los angles area, and if any one here played basketball for the coptic league.

God BLess


  • hi, welcome jmoussa to this great site, i'm sure u'll get addicted soon enough, and cant wait to hear ur opinion on the forums ;)
  • Welcome to the addiction, my friend.

  • Heyyyy everyone!! I'm new here. here's a lil bit bout me, i'm 14 female i LOOOVE music, i compose sing and record. i looooove elhan and tasbeha i love art photography sports and literature!!!! REPLY IF YOU WANT TO TALK!!!!! GOD BLESS [move][/move] V*i*n*A
  • i wanna talk, i dont stop, might as well do it the healthy way...
  • welcome jmousa to this wonderfull site...i hope u like it...i am sandra frm clearwater florda....GOD BLESS YOU!
  • oh yea sry. Welcome jmoussa and Habeebit Ill Masseeh! Hope you enjoy the site.
  • welcome jmoussa even though i'm a younger member than you...and welcome Habeebit Ill Masseeh
  • age doesn't really matter!!thats if u r talking about the age!
  • wats up jmoussa ;D
    i live in LA, and i know ppl who play for the league there
  • no sandra,
    i'm talking about the time they registered!
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