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Hi guys... and girls...

i have been to confession a few times and every time i go i just say the wrong things that i have done (that i can remember) and then thats it....

i just wanted to ask if there is anything else to confession and what else can you say or ask your father or confession?

thanks and remember me in your prayers (starting final two years of highschool in o9)


  • Hello Adomad , it's pleasure to share u about ur discussion .
    in the confession we just tell the sins we've done with the existing of God . the process of the confession is

    repent : about the sins ---> confess : tell father about sins -----> go deep in the love of God -----> find more sins that u can't see before -----> repent -----> confess .

    simply it is :
    love God ---> feel the sin --> repent -->confess--> love God 

    also it's good piont to ask father to tell u some spiritual practices to do in ur life. to fast, pray , do some special things that is special for ur own life . i ask God to be with u and deep u more in His great love, i recomend u to read the book of Pope Shaneuda about " the life of repentance and purity " it will help u more . and mention me in prayers.
  • confession is an important thing in our lives! if you just go to say things that bother you, and/or say things so you wouldn't be bothered by the fact that you have not confessed, then there is a problem... because you can just go to the closest Psychologist and do that... they'll charge you money, but surely will make you feel better in the end!

    a person needs to confess everything because of their knowledge of their weakness! so if one goes to confess they must say everything... in as much detail as you can... the paradise of the fathers say that a father of confession should know how many times you drank water since your last confession (every gulp, or sip)! and it also mentions that you should keep a text... or a daily diary of your sins of the day... that way you can confess EVERYTHING you have done... thought of... and everything in between, by that you never "forget" anything...

    so is that it?! believe it or not, yes it is! that's what confession is all about, you repent, you ask God to forgive you... and you make an action... which is confession... and you receive absolution... so you are doing it right, well I don't know if you repent or not... but you get the picture!

    now its advised to have the same person for both... but it can be different! other than a father of confession, one needs a spiritual guide! because all that the priest is made for, for confession is just to be present... and then in the end absolve! that's it... but a spiritual guide is for guiding a person spiritually... he/she do not have to be in the clergy... just a person you are comfortable to talk to... and accept advice from, thus you need to pick a person who is mature, and know that they will give "right" advice! but again, may I repeat myself... its preferred to have your father of confession as your spiritual guide!

    akhadna el baraka... neshkor Allah! 
  • Hey Adomad,

    What I've been taught is that confession should be done in steps. First, you discuss with your father of confession sins that you have commited against God directly, like doubting God, or blaming God, also the sins of lust and pride, etc. Then you confess your relationship with Christ, do you pray everyday? Do you listen to the Word of God through daily Bible readings?

    The next step is confessing the sins you have committed against God indirectly through wronging your fellow man, that would include lying, envy, cheating, stealing, etc. The third step would be discussing your spiritual problems, (this is were your father of confession becomes your spiritual guide also). If your father of confession preffers that you only confess, then the third step wouldn't be applicable - unless you have something to ask about that is essential.

    Please do correct me if I'm wrong, and pray for my very weak self,

  • I'd like to add also that repentance MUST come before confession. Kneel before God and meditate on all the ways through which you wronged God, and try to write them down - and ask for God's forgivness, then confess.
  • Hi Adomad,

    You should ask your father of confession if he can get you the pamphlet called "How To Exercise The Sacrament Of Repentance"; this is what our father of confession has given to us to aid our confessions. It reads that we shouldn't stray much from confessing as it is taught in this little book. Our confession should not be a story. Write it down if we cannot remember. It says: "See Life of Repentance and Purity by H.H Pope Shenouda III pages 107-114. (See Appendix 1 page 12)".  These writings are available online.

    God richly bless you.
  • Also its a great opportunity to ask abouna any questions you might have. Its not very often you get one on one with abouna.. so I usually use this time also to ask questions I've always wondered about, or questions no one had seem to answer right.
    Just don't take TOO long with the questions.. there are ppl waiting to confess after you! ;D
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