++Taraniema 'betefhamy'' and ''imana yarabi beek''

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Hey everyone, salam we na3ama :)
I want to to ask something about 2 terniema's, please help me to found them..
I am in a choir, koral aghaby, and with Christmas we are going to sing ''betefhamny'' and  ''imana yarabi beek''.
Where can I download these songs?? The song ''imana yarabi beek'' sounds so: ''Imana yarabi beek, ni2dar nin2il gebaal.
Odam lamsit edeek, jen7iny leek el mo7aal.'''

and betefhamny : "' betefhamny wet7is beya, tisma3a kalam maha-olhoesh.''

IF you can help me I will be very happy ;)


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