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Good day everyone,
        I was just wondering what would be the best approaches as lay persons to show Orthodoxy in proper light. Not everyone has the ability to debate and control theological discussions especially in the company of other Christians. I also believe that Orthodoxy has to be lived daily and is not something that appeals at a merely emotional level. In that sense, it is an acquired taste that comes with a lot of communion,patience,soul searching, introspection and one which has a lot of depth and is firmly rooted.Orthodoxy is not the news-making, publicity-seeking, hype-oriented type of faith but is one for the quiet, calm & composed types.
        I believe many of us would be exposed to various other Christians at the workplace / school / college / family gatherings  etc.Could some of you share your experiences regarding the following:

1. Converts to Orthodoxy seem to have more fire and vigor while the cradle types seem a bit laid back and lukewarm.I
    a have been firmly orthodox  all along but lately, my interest in Orthodoxy has increased in direct proportion to
    opposition from family & friends. Is my motive justified? Anyone in similar situations?

2. I know its in there (Scripture & Church Fathers) but how does one explain briefly the balanced / moderate view of 
  Orthodoxy (when compared to Catholicism on one side and Protestantism on the other) towards issues like veneration
  of St.Mary and the Saints, rituals, prayers to and for the departed. Asking them (other Christians) to read up is likely
  to put off many.

God bless,
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