Pope Shenouda

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
Today is Pope Shenouda's 37th anniversary of being a Pope.
May God Bless him and be with him at all times.


  • [coptic]`Y`agapy tou :eou [email protected] ke `y,arictou [email protected] `uou Kuriou de ke :eou ke Cwtyroc `[email protected] Iycou `<rictou. Ke `y koinwni`ake `ydwre`a tou `agiou `[email protected] `i `ymetatou `agiwtatou ke makari`[email protected] patroc `ymwn papa abba (Senouda).
    Papa ke patriar,ou tyc megalopolewc Alexan`[email protected] nem `t,wra tyrc `n<ymi nem `tpolic `mPennou] Ieroucalym nem ]`tiou `mbaki `[email protected] nem }lubi`a nem Noubi`a nem Ni`e;aus nem Africi`a.

    Mare pi`[email protected] nem pilaoc [email protected] oujai qen `[email protected] je `amyn ec`eswpi.[/coptic]

    The love of God the Father, and the grace of His only begotten Son, our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. And the communion and gift of the Holy Spirit. Be with our most holy righteous father, Pope Abba (Shenouda).
    Pope and Patriarch of the great city of Alexandria. And all the land of Egypt, and the city of our God, Jerusalem, and the five western cities, and Libya, and Nubia, and Ethiopia, and Africa.

    May the clergy and all the people be safe in the Lord. Amen. So it shall be.

    محبة الله الأب ونعمة الإبن الوحيد ربنا وإلهنا ومخلصنا يسوع المسيح. وشركة وعطية الروح القدس تكون مع الأقدس الطوباوي أبينا البابا أنبا (شنودة).
    بابا وبطريرك المدينة العظمي الإسكندرية، وكل كورة مصر، ومدينة إلهنا أورشليم، والخمس مدن الغربية وليبيا والنوبة والحبشة وأفريقيا.

    فليكن الإكليروس وكل الشعب معارفين الرب. آمين يكون.
  • how old is he?

  • 85 years old
  • thanx i was wondering

    so i have read some of his works have you read anything by him?

  • yes my family member once drove him
  • have u ever heard of the verse "if you will remember almazameer", "almazameer will remember you
  • [quote author=Godislove_ link=topic=7343.msg97666#msg97666 date=1227818820]
    yes my family member once drove him

    wow were when why wow thats so cool dont you think :)

    no i have not heard of that verse were may i find it?

    i have realy on read a few of his books so forgive me if it apeared that i was an expert im not realy just interusted in the coptic church is all

  • WOW 37th year?  CONGRATZ to him.  i wish him the best of luck, love, and success.  May God guide him through his divind and holy spiritual ministry for years to come

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