Liturgy Instructional

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Hey Everyone!

Alrighty, so a few years back when I was even younger of a kid, we had a Sunday School lesson regarding the rites of the liturgy. The person who taught it used this DVD/Program thingy that went very in-depth about the rights of every part of the liturgy, and even taught the rites of the making of the oblation. I remember it very well, it was  an interactive program and I remember that the main menu had a blue background for some reason!

Well I was wondering if anyone had any clue about what I was talking about. I was amazed by the program back then, so I asked him where he got it and he mentioned he picked it up at St. Mark's Church of Boston. Does anyone know of the program and where I can get my hands on one?

Or maybe a program that is just like it, that really explains the rights and spirituality behind it all. Thank you everyone! I hope that someone has a clue of what I'm talking about!
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