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This is the orthodox musician. I mostly responded to other people because i'm new to forums and didn't know how to post :) I play the saxophone mainly, but also play other instruments. I have played coptic music, but I need to get them on a digital hard drive to post to everyone. if you want, can u tell me what's great about the site? it'll make it easier for me as a 13 year old to join this community. Thanks and hope to learn a lot from here

Orthodox Musician


  • WELCOMee!!! :D :) :) :)

    hEY! lol EVERYTHING is great about the site! ;D ;D :P :P

    The forums, the hymns, songs, tasbeha, liturgy, the lyrics, teh movies, teh calenders, saint days.....everything about the coptic religion!!! lol have funnn :-X

    ANd WELCOME once again!! ;) ;) ;)

  • [center]WELCOME!!!!![/center]
  • Welcome! :)
  • Welcome to the site, I hope your membership will be a source of benefit to us all  :)

    pray for me

  • thank u all and i hope that we all can learn more about the true faith
    You will enjoy this website because we are brethren in Christ and we help each other if we have any questions or help
  • [move][shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]WELCOME[/glow][/shadow][/move]
  • I would be Coptic Orthodox's Musician's bro. He drew me in, and i thought why not? How large are these forums, like local, international, what?
  • yah there are like tones of people here from around the big blue ball

  • Hey Musician!
    Welcome to the Family !lool
    You play saxaphone? cooool,
    Smile Jesus Loves you !!!lol
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