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Hello. I wanted to pick up a hobby and i have decieded to play the guitar.. i thought that i should play the guitar because it is interesting and i heard that it is easy to play..also i could use the guitar to provide the music for church songs that are sung such as amazing grace and so on...

Message to all guitar players.... what guitar brand should I purchase to begin with,. as soon as i get better i will get a better one but i need one to just get started..

i went to a guitar shop and he showed me this one that looked generic to me and it was 99(Australian dollars) and it came with a soft case and 3 picks and of course the guitar this a rip off?

please post about good guitars for beginners and also, sites where i can find musical scores or "tabs" for popular christian songs

thanks all in advanced

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  • well, i play guitar and i started with a random brand one.... it sounds good and all, but i don't think its a famous brand or anything (my father, who loves guitars was with me, so he understood all the stuff)

    as for playing songs, i have picked up a couple of songs with my ears...
  • Hi Adomad

    I'm assuming you want an acoustic guitar? If you're just beginning then the brand itself doesn't matter at all. I would advise you look for a guitar with steel strings as opposed to nylon strings...just because it will sound nicer in church :)

    As for songs, I can send a chord-book for the spiritual songs we use at the youth conferences with HG Anba Angaelos...we normally have one or two guitarists there :P

  • If you could please send that book to me , i would really really appreciate it.......     
  • u mean lyrics to songs? Or music notes??

  • It's got a list of songs with the guitar chords written with the words. Anyone who would like me to send it to them please post your email address here, or PM me your email if you'd prefer and I'll send you the book.

    I must also stress that this work is not my own, but the efforts of various servants in the UK churches, God bless them.

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